DeSantis Planning to Raise up to $1 Million for GOP During His Inauguration

With his inauguration date inching closer than a month at this point, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced he will be raising funds for his state’s Republican Party at the event, with the goal being around $1 million.

The parties are planned to be spread out across two full days. Some news channels are reporting the top five donors will be honored with the title of “inaugural chair” sponsors for the entirety of DeSantis’ second term as governor.

DeSantis’ VIP inauguration access on January 3rd will be funneling funds into the GOP

This also gives them a chance to enjoy a candlelit dinner alongside the governor himself the night prior, as well as VIP seating at the ceremony itself. This is including tickets to the inaugural ball that’s set to happen right after.

Ever since he came out on top during the midterm elections, DeSantis became the biggest threat to Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign. Even though only the latter of the two announced his intentions to run, DeSantis is still a plausible candidate.

Using his public speaking skills, DeSantis raked in more than $200 million for the GOP during the 2022 election, with his COVID-19 policies and conservative approach to regulating education being a large stepping stone.

The bill that DeSantis pushed, which would end up being dubbed “Don’t Say Gay” by his opponents, ultimately focused on protecting Florida’s children from the influence of gender politics at an age where they’re too young to understand it.

Trump vs. DeSantis

Even after his wildly successful campaign, DeSantis still has $60 million left after beating the Florida Democrat candidate, Charlie Crist, making the event of DeSantis announcing a presidential bid that much more likely.

However, this is probably not happening before the Florida legislative session closes. This does have its downsides, considering DeSantis won’t be able to raise such massive amounts of money for the state’s Republican Party anymore.

His 2017 inauguration event wasn’t much different either.

DeSantis held two days of parties, including a separate event for war veterans and another one for first responders, earning him the respect of the conservative crowd that still knows how to appreciate solid American values.

If DeSantis does decide to face off against Trump in the Republican primary, he’d still be an underdog, even with all the support he’s got. Although that may not hold true for much longer, seeing as Trump is losing support by the minute.

Dozens of Republicans are shifting towards a younger candidate for the 2024 election. DeSantis fits the mold perfectly, with the only issue being that his term as governor would overlap with his presidential term.

This was recently circumvented by the state of Florida adjusting its legislation to allow DeSantis to run in 2024, which wouldn’t have been possible a couple of years prior.