DeSantis Reacts to Hunter Biden’s Legal Drama

For years on end, the ongoing legal drama surrounding Hunter Biden has been splashed all over the media.

It is for this reason that Americans know Hunter stands accused of some very serious crimes. His alleged crimes include lying on the forms that are mandatory for firearm purchases and using his father’s previous work as vice president to pull favors with foreign business folks.

One also can’t forget the infamous Hunter Biden laptop that was made public shortly before the 2020 presidential election took place.

Though amid all the drama, 2024 presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just shared his own thoughts, according to Washington Examiner.

Calling Out Double Standards

DeSantis rightfully made note of the fact that if Hunter Biden were a Republican, instead of a Democrat, all the crimes he’s being accused of would have put him behind bars a very long time ago.

In making this observation, DeSantis also stated he wants to send Joe Biden back to the Delaware basement that he owns and largely campaigned from in 2020.

The Florida governor’s remarks arrived as he’s been spending time in Iowa to connect with voters and secure the 2024 GOP nomination. DeSantis has also clashed multiple times with Hunter’s father over various policy matters ranging from COVID to education and more.

More From the Florida Governor

DeSantis remains the talk of the town since he announced his candidacy for president in late May. Following this, the left-wing media and others have brought out the knives, attacking the Florida governor at each and every turn.

Meanwhile, allies of DeSantis say these attacks are motivated by his critics knowing he stands the greatest chance of both winning the Republican nomination and then going on to defeat Joe Biden.

We can all expect to hear a lot more from DeSantis in the coming weeks and months ahead.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.