Destroying The Economy Is Not A Good Way To Save Lives | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 451


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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, many of us are worried that our current lockdown strategy is leading us quickly into an economic collapse unlike anything this country has ever seen. But the left wing media says if you’re worried about the economy in a time like this, then you are a heartless Scrooge putting money over people. That’s nonsense. Also Five Headlines including, for a change of pace, rather than toilet paper, an altercation in a supermarket over Mountain Dew. And a listener writes to explain why I’m wrong in advocating that we open the economy back up to avoid a depression.

Destroying the economy is not a good way to save lives – 00:43
Nancy Pelosi’s stimulus package – 21:20
Panic buying Mountain Dew in Kentucky – 24:15
Olympics postponed due to coronavirus – 27:12
Social media now worrying about hantavirus – 27:38
Walsh quarantine gaming scorecard – 28:58
Matt cancels media outlets blaming Trump for couple’s death – 30:40

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