Disgraced Andrew Cuomo Wants to Run for New York Governor Again

Andrew Cuomo, the disgraced former Democrat governor of New York, might be plotting a big-time political comeback, as he has suggested he might run again for his old job.

He apparently feels vindicated after authorities decided not to pursue 11 different sexual harassment allegations against him, largely due to statutory reasons. Cuomo also has denied these allegations, yet still resigned from office after the scandals.

’11 Became Zero’

Cuomo and his aides have been claiming the investigation is a politically motivated attack designed to clear the way for New York Attorney General Letitia James to become the next governor.

Before he quit in August, Cuomo held the job for more than 2.5 terms, from 2011 until 2021; he was gearing up for another reelection in the fall of this year.

In his first interview since resigning, Cuomo reiterated his claims of innocence and declared he resigned solely as a goodwill gesture.

To make his latest media appearance even more striking, the former governor not only teased another gubernatorial run, but also declared he regrets his resignation last year.

Cuomo emphasized all accusations against him became “bogus” in a “remarkably short” time, claiming, “11 [accusations] became zero.”

The nevertheless disgraced former governor also stated he has been “vindicated”.

‘Serial Sexual Harasser’

Cuomo described the investigation report against him as a “brand of ugly politics.”

He also blamed fellow Democrat Letitia James for the giant mess at CNN, where his brother Chris Cuomo was fired for using his position to influence the media coverage of the former governor.

As he was negotiating his leave and settlement, however, Chris Cuomo exposed his former patron, CNN president Jeff Zucker’s, sex affair with a senior co-worker, Executive VP Allison Gollust.

Jeff Zucker ended up resigning as CNN head last week; the scandal is still far from dying off. Now, reports are emerging that Zucker was just as guilty as Chris Cuomo of working to get Andrew Cuomo favorable media coverage.

In his interview for Bloomberg, the former governor stressed that the state’s attorney general, in her quest to depose him, “unfairly weaponized” the #MeToo movement, making a mockery of women who are actual victims of sexual harassment.

Cuomo concluded by saying during this time, his focus is on “communicating” what happened to him because it is a precedent that has to be “exposed”.

Reacting to Cuomo’s interview, the New York Attorney General, Leticia James, defended the findings of the investigation she commissioned, regardless of the fact that all criminal charges against the ex-governor have been dropped.

Leticia James insisted that Andrew Cuomo remains a “serial sexual harasser.” The New York attorney general also declared touching his own staff “inappropriately” was solely Cuomo’s fault.

Finally, James declared that Cuomo resigned as governor last year to avoid being impeached.