Donald Trump Presents Anti-woke Alternative to Netflix

"netflix" by Jenny Cestnik

The Donald Trump Company has once again decided to dip its toes in a new industry.

It is straying away from its previous social media platform project and instead focusing on developing a streaming platform that will not sideline content over political bias.

This business plan refinement comes as the company just finalized a merger with Digital World Acquisition, a SPAC.

This has allowed the Donald Trump Company to embark on a public listing, with regulatory approval scheduled by the end of the year.

“Donald Trump” by Matt Johnson

A new streaming platform on the block

The company is already publicly traded.

However, it remains a shell company for the former president’s media efforts, backed by a wide array of investors with a collective $1 billion in company shares.

The company recently announced it’ll be taking streaming giants head on this year, likely capitalizing on the subscriber decline that Netflix and Disney+ have been experiencing recently.

More specifically, a document released by the TMTG revealed additional details on their plans with the soon-to-be streaming platform.

They claim it will contain blue-collar comedy, canceled shows, family entertainment, and just about anything that upholds traditional American values.

Additionally, the platform will become a safe haven for libertarian and conservative news that wouldn’t usually fly on standard broadcasting channels, with podcasts being presented as another option in the works.

TMTG presents a politically unbiased alternative to Netflix

According to the filing, the platform in question will work under a business model similar to that of Netflix and Disney+, save for the recent changes to the aforementioned two which prompted the subscriber collapse.

However, despite being owned by TMTG, the platform will aim to deliver content without political bias, instead of producing and streaming entertainment for entertainment’s sake.

This is a breath of fresh air, compared to the woke-centric platforms we have today.

TMTG claims no censorship will be imposed on any creators whose content makes it to the platform; no specific political ideology will be forced on their viewers.

TMTG saw a giant gap in contemporary entertainment, as quality programming had seemingly become a thing of the past.

TV broadcasting and streaming platforms were being overrun by content that lectures its viewers on topics that allow “one acceptable approach”.

Entertainment has been the driving force of change in our society for decades.

These media figures always have an immense pull on the consumers of the content, led by massive media conglomerates ready to cancel everyone who dares to disagree.

Embracing diverse perspectives seems to be the key to solving this problem. TMTG is ready to pioneer that concept in the streaming platform sphere, sticking out in the overcrowded sea of woke media and entertainment.