Dr. Peter Navarro Arrested After Vowing to Help Impeach Biden

"U.S. Urges UPU Members to Embrace Long-Overdue Reforms" by United States Mission Geneva

Former President Trump’s advisor, Dr. Peter Navarro, was arrested at a DC-area airport yesterday while traveling to Nashville.

Despite being offered a lawyer by the judge, he declined, instead choosing to represent himself.

Apparently, Navarro was indicted on account of contempt of Congress, due to his unwillingness to cooperate in the January 6th investigation.

He’s since shed criticism on the surprise airport arrest and not being allowed to make a phone call.

“U.S. Urges UPU Members to Embrace Long-Overdue Reforms” by United States Mission Geneva

The Biden administration’s abuse of power

Initially, Judge Zia Faruqui expressed concern with Navarro choosing to defend himself.

He’s an economist, not a lawyer, but he’s assured his attorney’s contact was shared with the prosecutors as they work the situation out.

Despite being arrested in a surprise attack likely orchestrated by none other than the Biden administration, Navarro didn’t refuse to comment on the situation.

This draws a parallel between these developments and his history of being among the very few to have been sanctioned by the Chinese Communist Party.

The arrest comes as Navarro chose not to cooperate with Liz Cheney’s January 6th committee.

The committee, aside from being unconstitutional, went in for the kill, voting to advance charges against both Navarro and Scavino, a set of Trump’s aides.

Naturally, neither Scavino nor Navarro showed up to their depositions, prompting the House of Representatives to refer Navarro to the Justice Department for not complying with the panel’s subpoena.

“D“ for Democrat, “D“ for Double Standards

Currently, Navarro is facing two accounts of contempt of Congress, one for the documents he hadn’t provided to the committee and the other for not even showing up to the testimony before House investigators.

However, his arrest came a mere day after he’d vowed to help the Republican Party impeach the current president, Joe Biden.

Navarro said this will happen if Republicans are successful in retaking the House in the 2022 midterm elections, a feat that is much more attainable since Biden’s approval rating sunk to record lows.

Dr. Navarro’s representatives have spoken up on the situation, assuring they’ll be updating the story as any further information becomes available.

Dr. Navarro is facing nearly two years in jail on account of the current charges, despite being a distinguished public servant for the entirety of former President Trump’s term in office.

Furthermore, Trump voiced his opinion on the matter, urging his former associates to not play into the Democrat-led investigation’s plans, claiming the whole thing as politically motivated from the very start.

If that wasn’t evident enough as is, it’s important to point out how former Attorney General Eric Holder was not criminally charged in 2012, due to privilege exerted by then-President Barack Obama.

He was, however, found in contempt of Congress.