Doctor: Bob Saget Head Hit with Force Compared to Bat Swing to the Skull

According to a new autopsy report, actor Robert “Bob” Saget passed away from the suffering of what seemed to be substantial head injuries.

In a statement released the other week, Saget’s relatives said he died after hitting his head on the back of something, not thinking anything of it, then falling asleep.

However, according to a coroner’s results written by Dr. Joshua Stephany, chief medical examiner for Orange County in Florida, the injury was considerably more significant than one which could have been easily seen or overlooked.

Bob Saget’s Family Wants to Keep Death Details Private

Per the NY Times, Dr. Stephany wrote in the report that it is most likely the deceased experienced an unwitnessed fall backward and impacted the posterior portion of his skull.

According to the postmortem results, the damage burst veins in the gap between the membrane protecting the skull and the brain itself, leading fluid to accumulate and crush vital parts of the brain, causing death.

Several people described Saget’s injuries to include posterior scalp abrasions, subgaleal bleeding, darkening in the eyelids caused by head trauma, subdural hematoma, and subarachnoid hemorrhage, among others.

Dr. Gavin Britz, the chair of neurosurgery at Houston Methodist Hospital, shared his thoughts on the results with the New York Times in an interview published today.

“This is a serious trauma. It’s something I see in people who have been hit in the skull by Louisville Slugger or have jumped from a height of 30 feet.”

As Dr. Britz pointed out, the postmortem report showed fractures to thick sections of the skull, as well as fractures to bones in the roof of the eye socket. He went on to say if you fracture your orbit, you would experience tremendous discomfort.

In his assessment, Dr. Stephany decided Saget’s injuries were likely received as a result of a fall, despite the fact the study discovered no injuries on other portions of his body. This would have been anticipated if he had fallen from a very high altitude.

The local sheriff’s office said there were no signs of foul play after the death of the celebrity. As per the results of the autopsy, no traces of liquor or illicit narcotics were found in his body.

Other Health Conditions

“I really doubt Bob was conscious,” Dr. Bazarian told the New York Times, “and I seriously doubt he believed to himself, ‘I’m simply falling asleep.'”

There’s also evidence in the coroner’s results that Saget had an undiagnosed heart condition; albeit there was no indication this was a contributing factor to his death.

The presence of COVID-19 was discovered by a PCR assay. The actor revealed in January how he caught the virus; although he did not say when he had done so. A PCR test may reveal COVID even after a person has recovered from the virus.