Maryland Elementary School Demands Students “Pledge Allegiance“ to Pride Flag

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In a recent scandal involving the interaction of elementary school students and information related to the LGBT community, a Maryland school’s Parent-Teacher Association invited students to “pledge allegiance” to the Pride flag.

While the act itself sounds like something straight out of a horror dystopia thriller, it’s definitely not the radical left’s first attempt at normalizing the education of extremely young children on the topic.

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LGBT agenda knows no end

The school in question, Montgomery County’s Cedar Grove Elementary, claims the announcement was simply a way to make their students celebrate love, tolerance, and respect.

However, putting the Pride flag in the hands of kids that aren’t even old enough to know better shouldn’t ever become the norm for the American education system.

The numerous video segments posted to the school’s YouTube channel showed kids holding up the Pride flag while chanting buzzwords the LGBT community likes to throw around to attract attention, some of them being Love, Equality, and Pride.

The videos were recorded during recess at the school.

While none of the children had their faces blurred, the PTA assured, at the very least, no children’s names will be added to the video’s description.

The post itself offered parents the option to sign their kids up for the “movement” through a Google forms sheet.

This is once again presenting us with the fact that the agenda is more often forced onto the children by their radicalized parents than it is of the child’s own volition.

The school board supports dangerous ideas

The school’s director of communications, Christopher Cram, weighed in on the matter, stating the event was originally thought up by a staff member and the school board did nothing more than just approve it.

Cram believes the initiative was of a positive connotation, signaling even the school’s administration is a bit too politically biased to run an educational establishment impartially.

If anything, the event wasn’t forced onto these young, pliable minds by the school, instead demanding them to have permission from their parents if they wish to attend this “celebration.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated case. It seems the radical left has devised a mass-scale plan to push the LGBT agenda in public schools.

This starts as early as elementary education, which can be seen by the recent backlash a school in Lancaster, Pennysylvania received for hosting a Drag Race.

Exposing children to these worldviews and ideas at such a young age is pointless, especially if those ideas are regarding a person’s sexuality.

This is a concept that doesn’t quite apply to elementary and middle-schoolers.

As of yesterday, the school’s media specialist, Karina Hirschhorn, has yet to leave a comment on the situation, avoiding public appearances at any cost.