Elon Musk Calls Biden a “Damp Sock Puppet”

The CEO of Tesla and Space X, Elon Musk, just slammed Biden in his latest tweet.

Musk’s comments come just hours after Biden released a tweet that stated GM and Ford are the future when it comes to making electric vehicles.

Musk was upset that Biden would promote GM and Ford, which are quite frankly low-tier electric vehicles, compared to Tesla Electric Vehicles, so Musk tweeted back.

In Musk’s tweet, the richest man on earth stated Biden was a “sock puppet” being controlled by others who want him to promote GM and Ford.

Musk would go on to tweet ‘Biden is treating Americans as if they are stupid’. Biden would then proceed to release a video next to Marry Barra, the Chairwomab of GM.

The video consisted of Barra announcing upcoming plans and Biden claiming climate change will create more jobs.

More on Elon’s Distrust of Biden

Musk would comment more under Biden’s video and tweet T E S L A to emphasize how idiotic it sounds to promote electric vehicles without mentioning the number one producer of electric cars in the United States and the world.

Tesla, in the fourth quarter, produced over 305,840 electric vehicles, whereas GM only produced 26.

Yes, only 26, and the United States president is acting as if GM is leading the way, but in reality, they are far behind in the race of electric vehicles.

In total for the whole year of 2021, Tesla sold a total of 936,172 EVs, whereas Ford sold 27,140 and GM only sold 24,828.

It appears Biden has unions and lobbyists urging him to promote GM and Ford because they have stock in the company.

Tesla, the number one producer of electric vehicles, wasn’t even invited to the White House when Biden signed an executive order that promoted the use of the United States to fully convert to electric cars by 2030.

Biden, however, invited members of Ford and GM instead.

Musk Also Cheered the  Truckers Protesting Forced Vaccines

Elon Musk triggered liberals even more when he decided to show his support towards the freedom convoy in Canada.

The Freedom Convoy is a group of truckers in Canada who have formed a massive convoy to protest forced vaccine mandates for truckers.

Musk went on Twitter and praised Canadian truckers, saying that they “rule!”

Canadian truckers are furious because if they want to enter into the United States and go back to Canada, then they must be vaccinated.

If they are not vaccinated, then they have to quarantine and get tested. Truckers who cross the border frequently wouldn’t be able to afford to quarantine because it would slow them down greatly.

It’s refreshing to see a billionaire pushing back against Democrats, unlike Gates, Bezos, and other billionaires.