Evidence Shows Clear Signs Biden Tried to Entrap Trump!

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

Some new reports surfaced, detailing the DOJ investigation into former President Trump over his possession of the supposed “classified documents” from the National Archives, which the left believes he may have altered.

This investigation is what prompted the Mar-a-Lago raid and a series of baseless claims regarding Trump, including one that he’d hidden the documents inside the casket of his late ex-wife, Ivana Trump.

“Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore

Biden’s malicious practice

After those, what came was a series of well-coordinated leaks coming straight from the White House, all with the intention to incriminate Trump; yet, nothing explains what brought the Democrats to do this.

According to some, the “partisan hack” running the National Archives had a different relationship with Trump compared to all the other presidents before him. There are still presidents whose libraries have yet to return the documents decades after their deaths.

Even President Obama managed to take millions of pages out of the National Archives. He was even given permission to digitize all of the documents later on; whereas Trump was given less than a year before the DOJ pushed for a thorough investigation.

Despite their intentions though, they still needed a legal hook to push the investigation forward. The Biden administration was happy to oblige, as it always is.

The DOJ investigation wasn’t legal until Biden intervened

In fact, one of the letters sent to Trump’s legal team when the investigation was launched explains how White House counsel told the National Archives they were waiving the former president’s claims of executive privilege.

Anyone with a head on their shoulders is aware this is a cookie-cutter case of entrapment.

After all, Trump hasn’t done anything any of the previous presidents haven’t done. Therefore, the very idea that the following administration could just waive that privilege to launch a criminal investigation is absurd.

It is absurd even more so, given the fact they are political rivals.

As such, if the Democrat Party actually decides to go forward with Biden in 2024, he just may end up facing Trump once again, this time with an America that’s aware of what Biden actually brings to the table.

Legally, the DOJ had no right to review any of the documents. However, the National Archives and the Biden administration went above and beyond to remove any legal roadblocks necessary to make prosecuting Trump a possibility.

What this also implies is that the Biden administration lied through its teeth when it claimed it had nothing to do with the DOJ Trump investigation.

Yet, here we are, letting a senile old man on a power trip run this country, along with his army of “woke” peddlers and anti-Trump activists looking to bury America forever.