Exclusive: 5G, When To Expect National Rollout (Pt. 3) | Ajit Pai | TECH | Rubin Report


Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai about his role in leading the FCC and overseeing the rollout of 5G networks. 5G is a new, faster network with the potential to completely transform the internet. But when will 5G be available in the USA? Chairman Pai gives an exclusive insider’s sneak peek at when we can all expect to see a national rollout of 5G networks. 5G has the potential to change your smartphone, and your life in 2020. 5G is not just a little faster, a little more reliable, it’s actually a massive breakthrough that’s going to change the way devices connect to the internet. As 5G rolls out it’s going to change, everything with a wireless connection. He also talks about how the FCC is trying to modernize regulations to ensure that the rollout of 5G goes as quickly as possible. He also explains why 5G networks are going to increase broadband speeds and help close the digital divide and have the potential to massively benefit low income neighborhoods. Chairman Pai describes the race between the US and China to be a leader in 5G rollout and how the different levels of regulation will affect innovation. Ajit Pai also talks about how regulation relates to the privatization of space, low orbit satellites and NGSOs (non-geosynchronous orbit satellites)

What is the future of tech? What effect is all the innovation coming out of silicon valley having on us? Is it inevitable that machine intelligence will eliminate a vast majority of our jobs? Is it even possible to know what future tech will look like? Watch these experts describe the cutting edge in new tech, but also what we can expect in the future and the effect it will have on you in this playlist:

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Chairman of the FCC
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