Facebook Brainwashing Children To Use “Gender Correct” Pronouns

Facebook has recently been accused of brainwashing children; this comes amid Facebook’s support for an organization that uses math lessons to help children learn the “correct” pronouns for non-binary people.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the social media platform was the main sponsor for “School Diversity Week,” a campaign endorsed by the U.K’s Department of Education and the organization Just Like Us.

School Diversity Week’s main goal was to ‘educate’ children that some people have a gender identity which doesn’t match their sex at birth; the so-called education also claims that these folks don’t identify as male or female, but rather identify as non-binary.

The Math Packets Handed Out To Students Were Pure Propaganda

The math packets students received were more focused on pushing gender identity propaganda than they were focused on math. One example in the packed stated Harley (a non-binary person who used the pronouns they/them) has volunteered to hand out water bottles at a race. The question continued by saying ‘They have 15 bottles but need 25, how [many] bottles does Harley need to buy?’.

Imagine children five to seven years old learning that the pronoun ‘they’ in English class means to refer to two or more people doing an action; yet, in their math class, the pronoun ‘they’ is used to identify someone who is neither male nor female. Those children would be completely confused.

In the teacher’s section of the packets that were sponsored by Facebook, there was a note section that stated that children need to learn that non-binary people don’t like to be called by the pronouns he, him, she, or her; instead, you should use the pronouns they/them when addressing a person who identifies as non-binary.

Facebook App Features Over 71 Genders User Can Choose From

Facebook hasn’t been shy when it comes to showing where they stand on gender identity issues.

In 2014 they updated their site to include over 51 genders, but since has updated the list of genders to over 71. The site at one time only included the genders male and female, which are actually the only biological gender that exists. Some of them include non-binary, transgender, cisgender, bigender, pansexual and more.

Facebook has decided to appease the “woke” crowd by giving them features; although, now they are taking a further step and are pushing liberal ideology on children who don’t even know how to use regular pronouns properly, let alone “woke” one’s. One feature on the app will remind you of other gender pronouns too.

Gender Friendly Pronouns Are Now The Standard

At one time, gender-friendly pronouns were not used by most people but unfortunately, now they are at every walk of life.

Next time you fill out a job application, look at the gender section; I bet you’ll see an option for a gender that’s neither male nor female. Look up the definition of they in an updated dictionary and you’ll see its definition means ‘used to refer to a person who identifies as an unspecified gender’.

The world is changing, my friends. The day of ice breakers stating your name, your hobbies, and your favorite food is being replaced with your name and your pronouns.