Fake ‘Rape Victim’ Nabbed in Top College for Multiple Phony Accusations

A female employee of Stanford University has been arrested after it became clear her multiple claims that she had been raped were false.

Stanford Hasn’t Even Fired Her

25-year-old Jennifer Ann Gries, who works for one of the nation’s highest-ranked schools, Stanford University, has been busted and charged with two felonies. This comes after she made false claims of having been the victim of rape in 2022.

Gries also accused a completely innocent person of the fake rapes, Fox News reported, citing the local police and the District Attorney’s Office of Santa Clara County, California.

Thus, last year, the fake victim went to two different hospitals where she declared she had been raped. Gries also gave vivid details of how she was dragged into rooms where she was assaulted sexually.

Stanford University issued a statement to Fox News, acknowledging its employee’s false accusations were “damaging” to its community and to true survivors of rape.

The university made it clear that it was yet to make a decision on whether Gries would be able to keep her job. For the time being, she is on a leave of absence. At the same time, the school noted that cases involving false rape reports were “rare” as a rule.

It argued, however, that sexual offenses as a whole remained “prevalent,” on both its campus and in “our broader society.” This was why it emphasized its commitment to offering “compassionate support” to the victims of such crimes.

Santa Clara County DA Jeff Rosen stated in turn that false accusations of rape were “rare and deeply destructive” offenses.

He said the case of Jennifer Ann Gries was damaging not only to those who were accused falsely, but also to the “legitimate sexual assault victims” whose credibility might be shaken as a result.

Fake Victim Was Inventive with Her Stories

The young Stanford University employee first claimed to have been raped back in August 2022, when she complained to the staff of Valley Medical Center, a clinic in San Jose, California.

According to the DA’s office, she alleged the perpetrator was a 6-foot-tall “slender, young” black male, in his late 20s, who dragged her from a campus parking lot into a nearby restroom and then raped her.

In October, Gries made more false rape claims when she went to Stanford Hospital for a sexual assault examination. She alleged he was going back to her office after the lunch break when a man grabbed her, dragged into a basement closed, and assaulted her sexually.

This time, the fake victim even claimed she had gotten pregnant with twins as a result of the rape, but then suffered a miscarriage. According to the DA’s office, there was no evidence to support her claims; the investigation found she had not been pregnant.

Lab results in both cases “were not consistent” with Gries’s story, leading the authorities to start probing her claims.

Interestingly, during both times she went to a health facility for rape examinations, the young woman signed consent forms, agreeing the nurses had to report the cases to the police.

In January, Gries admitted during a DA investigation interview that she lied about the accusations.

She even wrote a letter of apology to the person whom she had accused falsely. The Stanford University employee now faces two counts of perjury felony.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.