False Report of Homophobic Attack Revealed

The unflinching critic of left-leaning narratives from John Nolte once again produced a scathing exposé. This time around, the focus is on a falsely reported anti-gay hate crime that occurred in the Democratic-controlled city of San Diego.

Lies Exposed

Why would any individual, in fact, desire to reside in a city run by Democrats, where rumors seem to proliferate?

Andy Ngo, a committed reporter, diligently followed this false story.

His accounts refute the story concerning Scott Rowin, a gay man from San Diego, who alleged he had been set on fire by homophobes in Hillcrest. This is a gay-friendly area of the city that was widely disseminated by Antifa, leftist groups, and other media sources.

Inquiries conducted by the San Diego Police Department have since revealed the whole truth. Rowin was caught on camera assaulting a pregnant woman, causing injuries that required hospital care, according to the CCTV evidence.

He then escaped the area. The video showed throughout the attack, the woman set him ablaze in self-defense.

Local media initially presented a drastically different picture; however, they have now updated the narrative in a responsible manner.

Rowin, based on the original reports, said while out on a nighttime stroll, he was set upon and subjected to homophobic insults, comparing the incident to a nightmare from a horror film.

In the now-discredited hate crime story, Rowin claimed two guys attacked him and sprayed him with a substance that caused him to catch fire like “coals on a barbecue.”

This was debunked as fraud, adding to what appears to be an increasing number of hoaxes within the most accepting nation in the entire globe.

Truth Revealed

The San Diego Tribune reports that detectives discovered a security tape that demonstrates the brutal assault by the individual on the pregnant woman.

This tape also showed the pregnant woman making use of fire as a weapon against the male. It seems like the mother tried to equalize Rowin by using fire as a last option.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.