Far-Left “Activist” Murders 18-Year-Old in Politically Motivated Murder

"Antifa" by Chad Davis

This past Sunday, an 18-year-old named Cayler Ellingson was run over and killed by 41-year-old Shannon Brandt.

This turned out to be a politically motivated murder in North Dakota, where radical leftist groups have been growing in numbers.

According to reports, the teen was present at a street dance in McHenry. Despite murdering the young man, Brandt dared to call 911 and claim Ellingson was part of an “extremist Republican” group.

“antifa 8973ag” by cantfightthetendies

Liberal media ignored heinous crime

What’s more, Ellingson managed to flee his attacker for a while, even calling his mom in the process and informing her Brandt was chasing him.  After this, he was struck and brutally killed by Brandt in his vehicle.

Adding insult to injury, this heinous crime came only two weeks after Joe Biden went on an unhinged rant about Republicans being violent and a danger to America, demonizing every right-leaning voter and MAGA supporter.

Even though he was charged with vehicular homicide and fleeing a crime scene, Brandt was released with $50k bail this week on Tuesday. Left-leaning media chose to completely ignore the incident.

In fact, NewsBusters reported major left-wing networks such as ABC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN haven’t dedicated a second of screentime to the politically motivated killing of the conservative teen.

The silence is deafening

Many pointed out the refusal to cover the attack is simply because of the victim’s and the perpetrator’s political affiliations. This would cause quite the ruckus after Biden declared it was the Republicans who are a threat.

Their silence is a clear indicator that while they’re extremely vocal in advocating for the “Black Lives Matter” agenda, they’re not too keen on the idea that white lives matter too, especially if the murder was committed by one of their own.

Hilariously enough, CBS News chief Major Garrett has been busy writing political fanfic depicting Republicans murdering Democrats in cold blood.

If he could stop plugging his new book for a couple of seconds, he might actually get a chance to talk about an actual politically motivated crime.

It’s obvious the media coverage of this story would have been tremendously different, had the roles been reversed. A role reversal would feed into the Democratic narrative of right-wing groups being “domestic terrorists” and “murderers.”

Sadly, Ellingson’s death went unnoticed among the libs. As such, it’s only a matter of time before this story is swept under the rug, just like every other one that didn’t help push the Democrats’ agenda.

Justice needs to be served. Now, Brandt being set free on ridiculously low bail is like a punch to the gut of the Ellingson family, especially knowing how the court will spin the story in his favor.