Far-Left Arizona State University Students Look to Kick Kyle Rittenhouse Off Campus

Far-left students at the Arizona State University (ASU) are protesting the fact that Kyle Rittenhouse is a registered student there. The leftist students have written a declaration that demands “racist bloodthirsty” Kyle Rittenhouse be immediately withdrawn from his classes.

Four student organizations on ASU’s campus have been handing our flyers that state, ‘Let’s Get a Killer Off Campus’. The flyer also demands Arizona State University release a statement that condemns Kyle Rittenhouse as a white supremacist.

As of right now, officials have not heeded the students’ protests but if they do, ASU could face a major lawsuit, due to the fact they would be kicking a student off campus for doing nothing wrong.

Rittenhouse was found not guilty of all charges last week, and for him to be punished for acting in self-defense would be unconstitutional.

ASU Has a History of Students Condemning Police Supporters

A viral video showed two white males being kicked out of an ASU center for having “racist” stickers. The “racist” stickers the two students had were “Police Lives Matter” stickers on their laptops. One of the students was wearing an “I did not vote for Biden” shirt, too.

The females who approached the two male students told them they were being offensive and out of place. One of the females even reportedly said ‘white people have no culture, so you can’t be here.’

Just take a look:

Anyone with conservative points of view is now being deemed as racist at most campuses across the United States. If both of the boys were wearing Mao shirts, they would’ve been perfectly fine.

ASU Students Trap Senator in Bathroom

It’s not just Republicans getting harassed at ASU, but also Democrats who aren’t leaning too far to the left. Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema was chased into a bathroom at ASU after she was finished teaching one of her classes on campus.

The students were outraged Sinema didn’t support Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan, so they decided to harass her and follow her into the bathroom.

Liberal networks like CNN and MSNBC didn’t give it much airtime, because it didn’t fit their narrative. However, we all know if conservatives were to chase Pelosi or AOC into a bathroom and harass them, then those who were chasing them would be jailed.

ASU has slowly, but surely, turned into a breeding ground for radical socialists who lurk the campus, searching for anyone who has any type of conservative ideology.

Then, when these students do find people with conservative points of view, they start their canceling campaigns as soon as possible. Sadly, this isn’t just happening at ASU, but it is also happening at different colleges and universities all over the United States.