Far-Left Used a Fake Story to Expand Abortion Access

Far-left Democrats tricked Biden into signing an executive order to expand abortion access by telling him a fake story of a 10-year-old rape victim. Biden, who got emotional over the story, now realizes he has been deceived.

Biden Believed in a Fake Abortion Story

As he signed the abortion executive order on Friday, Biden repeatedly cited the story, stating, “imagine being that little girl” who was raped in Ohio, but denied an abortion, so she had to travel to Illinois.

According to the Washington Post, the story reported by the Indianapolis Star, is more of a fiction than reality.

While breaking the story earlier in July, an Indianapolis gynecologist, Dr. Caitlin Bernard, noted an “Ohio child abuse doctor” denied an abortion to the girl at six weeks and three days of pregnancy.

The doctor reportedly denied the procedure because Ohio’s abortion laws ban the procedure after six weeks of pregnancy.

Though a conservative commentator at PJ Media, Megan Fox, raised many red flags regarding the controversial story.

According to her, Bernard is a notable abortion advocate; she neither provided the details of the crime nor did she reveal if the authorities are investigating the matter.

As per the law, the physician is required to disclose any evidence of child abuse to the police. Bernard failed to do it, which suggests the story is nothing more than a fairy tale.

Progressives Go to Any Length to Protect Their Ideology

Although the story was reported on July 1st and even reached the White House, there is no known ongoing investigation into the incident yet.

Furthermore, a fact-checking website Snopes.com revealed Bernard is not giving any further information about the incident. Similarly, no child service agency in any Ohio city is aware of any such episode.

As skepticism rises about the story, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has refused to tell if the president fact-checked the story before talking about it.

She already accepted that Biden used the tale to defend his political agenda, adding the president relied on the story to describe “how extreme” the consequences of the Supreme Court decisions are.

The same story was widely used by far-left Democrats to gather sympathy for their abortion stance. Many progressives cited the story to defend their pro-choice ideology and push the president to take immediate action on abortion.

After the news went viral, the liberal audience was quick to believe the story and stormed to Twitter to vent out their anger. While some of them felt “ashamed” of the incident, others blamed Republicans for paving the playing field for rapists in red states.

Biden believed and cited this story at a time when he is claiming to fight internet disinformation using federal agencies.

With Bernard as the only source of the event, the story also violates all the ethics of journalism, which urge to fact-check the news before publishing it.

However, all liberal outlets used the story to make a political point without caring about the fear it may generate in society.