Fauci Wants Americans to Wear Masks on Airplanes Forever

In Dr. Anthony Fauci’s most recent interview with ABC News, the highly controversial doctor stated there will never be a good time for people to stop wearing masks on airplanes.

The topic got brought up when ABC news’ anchor Johnathan Karl asked Fauci if he believes airlines should still require passengers to wear masks.

Fauci didn’t hesitate to answer Karl’s question; he stated that he doesn’t think there will ever be a time when Americans can get back on a flight without a mask.

So essentially, if Fauci has his way, then the days of getting on a plane without a mask will be just a distant memory.

Most airplanes have a filtration system that is able to pick up 99.97% of microbes in the cabin of the plane. However, despite that, Fauci still wants people to mask up on a plane.

Therefore, it appears Fauci doesn’t want to trust the science or engineers himself.

Fauci Now Wants Americans to be Vaccinated for Domestic Flights

Fauci not only wants Americans to wear masks on an airplane, but he’s also pushing for airlines to only allow passengers who are vaccinated to fly on aircraft.

During his interview yesterday, Fauci called for airlines in the United States to only allow vaccinated passengers on domestic flights. He then stated that if airlines chose to require passengers to get vaccinated, then vaccination numbers would go up.

To be honest, the only thing that would be going up is the price of Greyhound bus tickets or rental car services.

Fauci also used his time during this interview to warn Americans about the dangers of the omicron variant; although, several doctors have already stated the omicron variant is less deadly than other COVID-19 strains.

The South African doctor who first discovered the omicron variant has condemned the media for overreacting to the new omicron variant.

Airlines Know Playing Woke Politics Will Destroy Their Businesses

Airlines know if they were to issue a policy that required all passengers flying on domestic flights to be vaccinated against COVID, then they would see a major revenue loss. Instead of just hopping on a plane, Americans would travel by cars or even the bus.

CEOs of major air transportation companies better do their homework before playing woke politics with Fauci, because they’ll be the one’s going bankrupt while Fauci gets awards from Time magazine.

Last week, several United States airline representatives told Congress that wearing masks on planes may not be in their customers’ best interests.

Since mask mandates have been issued for airlines, there have many assaults and conflicts regarding passengers not wearing masks. This is quite frankly more dangerous than if people were to not wear masks at all.