FBI Accused of Keeping Key January 6 Details Under Wraps

The FBI is not very much loved or trusted by the majority of Americans these days. The reality is that many people don’t have faith in the agency or the higher-ups running it.

During just this year alone, the FBI was accused of intentionally engaging in corruption and sacking any agents who dared to speak up about it. This doesn’t look good and the rebuttals that the FBI offered to push back against these allegations aren’t really changing people’s minds.

At the rate things are going, some Americans have demanded for the FBI to be wholly dismantled. However, whether or not that happens is another story.

According to The Federalist, the FBI is now being accused of keeping critical information about January 6 under lock and key.

What’s That, Now?

Right now, it appears as though the FBI is very much aware of the car that was used in connection to pipe bombs found at both the Republican National Committee headquarters and the Democratic National Committee headquarters.

However, investigators with the House GOP caucus maintain the FBI is being less than forthcoming about these details. The House Judiciary Committee has made multiple requests for information into this matter; yet, the FBI is mysteriously finding ways not to cooperate or turn over the necessary records.

What’s Driving This Lack of Cooperation?

The FBI is tasked with protecting America’s national security interests and public safety. Why the agency would refuse to comply with such a critical investigation, therefore, leaves many people scratching their heads and asking questions.

Some folks think it’s because the agency knows that if lawmakers really get to the bottom of this, certain folks within the FBI will be implicated.

Others theorized there are different people involved whom the FBI could be trying to shield for reasons that remain unknown.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.