FBI Concealed Intelligence About Hillary’s Role in Russian Collusion Hoax

The FBI was the main instrument utilized in propagating the Russian collusion hoax for seven years.

According to the Durham Report, the Department of Justice never once had any integral evidence to suggest Donald Trump and the Russians were collaborating.

Now the CIA Steps In

New evidence about the Clinton campaign’s involvement surfaced after a “referral memo” from the CIA to FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok. This found Hillary may have crafted a scheme to set up Trump.

As far back as 2016, US intelligence was aware and even obtained information from Russian intelligence agencies that Hillary Clinton, in addition to her various progressive compatriots, was devising a scandal to derail then-presidential candidate Trump.

The ‘referral memo” was drafted by the CIA on September 7, 2016. It was dispatched to FBI Director James Comey; his subordinate Peter Strzok and CIA Director John Brennan also obtained his copy.

The written memo was crucially important enough to Brennan that he briefed various government officials on what the Durham Report called the “Clinton intelligence plan.”

The initial goal was to formulate a distraction from the scandals enveloping Clinton “as a tool of diverting the public from her usage of a private mail server.”

Dismay Within the FBI

Besides Comey or Strzok, no FBI employee ever touched nor saw the memo. Durham also notes that afterward, the “FBI never unlocked any type of probe” into this specific matter.

He says it also never issued any tasks, utilized any analytical personnel, or constructed any analytical products in accord with the data.

Agents working within the Crossfire Hurricane were said to express dismay upon learning about the Clinton plan being known to the senior officials.

However, this plan was not known to them. That critical detail ended up basically rendering the entire case pointless with such weak material. 

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.