FBI Lands in Hot Water Over Covering For Biden

There was a time when most Americans agreed the FBI existed to truly take the job of law enforcement seriously. Unfortunately, due to a series of poor decisions made by the federal agency, the trust that people once had has now been irrevocably broken.

Even since Joe Biden got into the White House, the FBI’s faced accusations of acting to protect his interests over the interests of America.

Moreover, the president himself has been accused on numerous occasions of using the FBI to go after his political rivals, such as Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, the more digging gets done, the worse things look for the FBI, as reported by the Gateway Pundit. This time, that pertains to the agency allegedly covering up information dealing with a bribery scheme involving Biden.

Holding Up the Investigation

In real-time, GOP lawmakers continue their ongoing investigation into the many corrupt dealings that Biden and his family appear to be involved in. One of these matters just so happens to involve accepting bribes from Mykola Zlochevsky, an official in Ukraine.

The story gets even more interesting, however, because Zlochevsky has since gone on the record, admitting to having recordings of the now-US president taking these bribes.

Though Republicans who want to dig further into this are being hit with bureaucratic red tape from the FBI. GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley maintains that he and his colleagues will continue working hard to find out the full truth of what happened.

Defeaning Silence From Biden

So far, the president refuses to candidly address accusations that he took bribes from Zlochevsky and was recorded in the process of this.

Whenever the White House gets asked about this during press briefings, it dodges the matter entirely, intentionally providing non-answers.

With the FBI standing in the way of this investigation, it begs to question what Biden has to hide.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.