FBI Leadership Killed Investigation of Hunter Biden’s Laptop Revelations

The leadership of the FBI shielded Hunter Biden from justice by banning agents from pursuing an investigation into scandalous revelations made by media outlets based on material on one of Hunter’s lost laptops.

‘Laptop from Hell’ Goes Without Investigation For Two Years Now

One out of three laptops owned by Hunter Biden and considered “lost” was abandoned in a computer repair shop in Delaware back in 2020.

Its contents allowed major non-lefty news outlets such as The New York Post and The Daily Mail to publish scores of articles exposing some of the darkest secrets of the Biden family since October 2020.

Hunter’s addictions to prostitutes, drugs, and alcohol have been revealed. The same goes for his potential swindling of cash from his father, supposedly for rehab, but spent on paid sex.

We also can’t forget Hunter’s murky financial dealings, including with Chinese spies and companies owned by the Chinese Communist regime, along with his father’s seeming knowledge of them – even as Sleepy Joe has been denying this publicly.

For the past couple of years, there have been public expectations that law enforcement authorities would go after Hunter Biden and possibly even after his father, based on the laptop revelations.

Recent reports have suggested Hunter could be enjoying political protection. He may only be charged with minor crimes and accept a plea deal in order to save himself from more damning charges and respective sentences.

(Photo leaked from laptop from hell)

DOJ ‘Standing on the Sidelines’

The suspicions that Sleepy Joe’s son may be enjoying top-level political protection from prosecution may be being confirmed.

A Republican senator has now cited multiple FBI whistleblowers as claiming “top brass” at the federal police agency barred agents from doing anything or probing revelations from the “laptop from hell.”

Sen. Ron Johnson from Wisconsin sent a letter to Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General of the Justice Department, asking him to probe claims from whistleblowers that Hunter Biden is being shielded from investigation.

According to Johnson’s account of the whistleblower information, the leadership of the FBI banned agents from looking into Hunter Biden’s case by arguing they wouldn’t let an investigation “influence another” presidential election.

Another Republican lawmaker, Rep. Jim Jordan, revealed his office has been contacted by no fewer than 14 FBI whistleblowers.

They complained about the way the agency has been handling probes into the January 6, 2021 breach of the US Capitol.

In his letter to Horowitz, Sen. Ron Johnson urged the DOJ official to “investigate why” the FBI is seemingly refusing to look into the Hunter Biden laptop case.

The senator warned the DOJ Inspector General that further delays to act are going to make it more difficult to “uncover the truth” and “hold accountable” those who are responsible for “wrongdoing.”

He emphasized the people of the United States “deserve transparency” and have expectations that “government corruption” is going to be investigated in full and right away.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.