FBI Lies Publicly, House Republicans Call It

The Federal Bureau of Investigation lied publicly in a statement on the congressional testimony of one of its officials.

The Republican majority in the House of Representatives called the agency on it, as the GOP has been trying to dig deep into the feds’ alleged mistreatment of whistleblowers.

Does the FBI Punish Whistleblowers?

The controversy surrounding what GOP lawmakers say is a false public statement by the FBI emerged after Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio issued a subpoena for one of the bureau’s top human resource officials, Jennifer Lee Moore.

Moore is the executive assistant director of the FBI’s human resource department, The Gateway Pundit reported.

The House Judiciary chairman’s subpoena came after the federal human resource executive came to testify before the committee voluntarily.

However, during her transcribed interview, Moore refused to give answers to questions on the matter of the FBI’s alleged retaliation against whistleblowers.

Moore’s unwillingness to collaborate voluntarily, which led to the issuing of a subpoena, was revealed in a statement by Jordan’s spokesman Russel Dye.

Dye emphasized the official was expected to answer questions about the agency taking revenge on “brave whistleblowers” who spoke out about “abuses” they witnessed at the FBI.

FBI Claims All is Good

The federal law enforcement institution reacted to the statement on behalf of House Judiciary chief Jim Jordan – and to Moore’s subpoena – by releasing a statement of its own.

In it, the FBI claimed its executive Jennifer Leigh Moore, who went voluntarily to answer questions of the House Judiciary Committee, “only refused” to give answers to questions having to do with “ongoing cases and privacy concerns.”

The agency argued that Moore did so in order to defend the “privacy” of individuals involved in ongoing cases and to “protect the integrity” of the investigative “process.”

In the same statement, the FBI claimed it valued “congressional oversight” and would keep “cooperating with Congress,” as long as the legislators’ requests were “consistent” with the Constitution and “statutory responsibilities.”

The reaction of the House Judiciary Committee to the FBI’s allegations about Moore’s testimony was short, sweet, and powerful. “FALSE,” tweeted the Republican-led congressional panel.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.