FBI Raids Journalist James O’Keefe’s Home for Ashley Biden’s Diary

The FBI raided the home of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe just two days after they raided other journalists’ homes associated with Project Veritas. These raids come amid an attempt to find Ashley Biden’s diary.

According to the Post Millennial, two journalists’ homes associated with Project Veritas were searched by the FBI on Thursday and on Saturday last week.

On Friday, O’Keefe released a lengthy video, stating Project Veritas handled Ashley Biden’s diary with the utmost care and even contacted authorities. O’Keefe also took a step further; he got in contact with Ashley Biden’s lawyer to give the diary back to her.

This is probably one of the biggest stories of the year, considering when the contents of the diary were leaked a week before the 2020 election, the Bidens downplayed it, just like Hunter’s laptop.

The far-left media stated the diary was a hoax and just another far-right conspiracy theory. However, now the New York Times is even reporting about the story. If it’s “fake” like the Bidens and the far-left media want us to think, why is the FBI raiding journalists’ houses for it?

The content within the diary stated Biden would allegedly take inappropriate showers with his daughter. So, why is the FBI trying to get back Ashley Biden’s diary? It could be because it’s really hers and the contents within it could land Biden in jail.

More Details About Ashley Biden’s Diary

Ashley Biden’s diary was found by a whistleblower who then delivered the book to Project Veritas members. Project Veritas never published the content of the diary, but the National File did.

Inside the diary, Ashley wrote about her sex/drug addiction and was also wondering if she was molested as a child. The bombshell writing within the diary claimed her father (Joe Biden) took showers with her when she was younger.

Ashley allegedly referred to these showers as inappropriate. As soon as the National File published the story, it was immediately censored and deemed as a conspiracy theory.

Hunter Biden’s laptop story was also censored; this laptop allegedly showed Hunter doing drugs and performing sexual acts with young women.

The Diary Has to be Real Now, Right?

The New York Times, which always reports with a left-leaning slant, broke the FBI raids on Project Veritas members. The Times even stated the raids were about getting Ashley Biden’s diary back.

So, if the FBI and the New York Times are both worried about her diary, then it can’t be a fake diary, right? If the diary was fake, why would the FBI spend time and resources to perform a raid on journalists for a fake diary?

The actions of the FBI tell the whole story. Hopefully, Biden gets questioned about the entire incident.