FBI Ransacked Trump Home For Empty ‘Classified’ Folders, Clothes, Old Newspapers

(The infamous DOJ photo of scattered papers during FBI's raid of Trump's home.)

The items for which the FBI ransacked the home of President Trump in Palm Springs, Florida include dozens of empty folders, some with a “Classified” tag on them.

They also include clothes, photographs from his time in the White House, books, and old newspapers. All of that has become known from an inventory list unsealed by a federal judge.

Empty Folders and Old Press Clippings

A month ago, more than 30 federal agents carried out a surprise 10-hour raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida, reportedly seeking government papers that he took with him after leaving the White House.

This was revealed to be an investigation of President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden’s Justice Department.

The detailed inventory list of what the feds grabbed from Trump’s home became public on Friday. On Thursday, Aileen Cannon, a federal judge, ordered the Biden Department of Justice to unseal a new and detailed property receipt, Breitbart News reported.

Prior to that, the first property receipt made public by the DOJ only mentioned things such as “Various classified/TS/SCI documents” and “Miscellaneous Top Secret Documents.”

The new inventory list shows the feds snatched more than 50 empty folders, many of those with “Classified” labels. It remains unclear whether they ever contained actual classified papers of the US government or how they even got to be in Trump’s home.

Some of the other empty folders were labeled with “Return to Staff Secretary” or “Return to Military Aide” tags.

Other items the FBI got their hands on in Mar-a-Lago include books, clothes, photographs, and plentiful press clippings. This includes more than 1,500 old newspapers, magazines, press articles, and other print media excerpts.

It remains unclear whether any of the “classified” empty folders were included in the infamous photo released recently by Biden’s Justice Department folders with “Classified” labels scattered around the floor of Trump’s residence.

‘Smash and Grab’ By ‘Armed FBI’

Taylor Budowich, President Trump’s spokesman, reacted to the unsealing of the new property receipt by stating it shows how the FBI carried out a “SMASH AND GRAB” operation targeting Trump’s documents.

Budowich stressed that document disputes, such as the one the Biden administration has with the ex-president, “should be resolved” under the law on presidential records.

That, in return, presumes and “requires cooperation and negotiation” on part of the National Archives, not FBI ransacking.

Judge Aileen Cannon on Thursday also ordered the Justice Department to make public its status report on the team probing into the documents seized from Trump’s home.

The report, which also got released on Friday, said the team completed a “preliminary review” of the papers, which is one step in the entire “active criminal investigation.”

The attorneys of the DOJ informed that “seized materials” are going to be used in “further investigative steps.”

During Thursday’s court hearing, the federal judge delayed her ruling on Trump’s request for appointing an independent Special Master to review the snatched documents before the Justice Department could use them further.

Trump’s legal team said documents seized from his home were comparable to an “overdue-library-book scenario,” in which ongoing talks with the National Archives have all of a sudden been turned “into a criminal investigation.”

Lawyer James Trusty told Judge Cannon she had the “unique position” from which she could “help restore public confidence” in the Department of Justice.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.