FBI Went Extra Hard After Biden to No Avail, Early Reports Claim

The FBI went the extra mile in the investigation over the alleged mishandling of classified documents by President Joe “Multiple Scandals” Biden.

The agency did this by conducting two sweeps for such papers at the University of Delaware, but the federal agents’ efforts were in vain. Multiple reports cite insider sources confirming this, even as the conclusion in question could be premature.

Sources May Be Making Pro-Biden Claims Too Early

At least 16 classified US government documents from the time Sleepy Joe was Barack Obama’s veep, and even from the time he served as a senator, have been discovered in searches of Biden’s former Washington, DC office and his family house in Wilmington, Delaware.

The findings have been shocking, considering how Biden himself attacked his predecessor, Donald Trump, after the FBI raided the latter’s Florida residence and found about 100 classified records.

Both cases are under investigation, with Justice Department special counsels appointed in both by Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland.

However, notable differences remain. As president, Trump had the power to declassify documents, whereas Biden technically did not as vice president.

A prior FBI search of Joe Biden’s family beach house in Rehoboth, Delaware yielded no classified document finds.

Apparently, the same goes for not one but two searches recently carried out by the FBI at the University of Delaware, both CNN and The Wall Street Journal have reported.

According to a source cited by CNN, federal agents raided the college in Biden’s home state twice in the past few weeks, on two separate days. Neither discovered any papers with classified markings.

Even so, as the FBI extracted a number of papers from the school, and is still going through them, there is still a chance classified materials might be found, Fox News reported.

It noted the University of Delaware was targeted by the DOJ investigation because it was Biden’s alma matter, as well as the home of his “Biden School of Public Policy and Administration.”

Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky looks on as President Joe Biden delivers remarks on COVID-19 vaccine production Wednesday, March 10, 2021, in the South Court Auditorium in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building at the White House.

Chances Are Classified Docs Might Turn Up as Huge Archive Seized

A report by The Daily Mail earlier this month discovered Eric Schwerin, one of the business partners of First Son Hunter Biden, was given the job in 2010 of moving some of Biden’s archives to the University of Delaware.

The materials that got transferred were sufficiently “sensitive,” so the White House lawyers at the time had to get involved. According to the reports, Biden’s lawyers cooperated fully with the University of Delaware searchers.

However, it turns out more than 1,850 boxes of records from Biden’s time in the Senate were sent to the college in 2012. Those have remained unsealed in the decade since they were transferred there.

It is this archive that has now been retrieved by the FBI and is still being examined by federal agents.

Considering the volume of the seized materials, it remains possible that more classified documents in Biden’s possession could be discovered among them, which would complicate further the entire classified documents saga.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.