Feminist Punk Rock Band ‘Anti-Flag’ Disbands Amid Assault Accusations Against Lead Singer

Justin Sane, the founding lead singer of the politically charged punk band Anti-Flag, has been accused of sexual assault by 12 women. The allegations sent shockwaves through the music industry and led to the sudden dissolution of the band.

Justin Sane, whose real name is Justin Geever, was accused of predatory behavior, sexual assault, and statutory rape, with some allegations dating back to the 1990s.

One of the most disturbing accusations involves an alleged sexual relationship with a 12-year-old girl. The 50-year-old musician remained silent in response to these new allegations; although he previously dismissed the initial accusations as ‘categorically false.’

The first accuser, Kristina Sarhadi, made her allegations public on the July 19 episode of the podcast ‘Enough.’

She claimed she was raped by a musician fitting Sane’s description, without explicitly identifying him or the band. However, she later confirmed to Rolling Stone she was indeed accusing the Anti-Flag singer.

Sarhadi described her encounter with Sane as the most terrifying experience of her life, alleging he was violent and that she feared for her life.

She also expressed her shock and confusion at discovering that there were other victims, stating, “I had no idea it happened to anyone else. I felt stupid, embarrassed, and confused. Because how could it have happened with this person? He is the anti-rape singer.”

The irony of the situation is not lost on anyone.

Anti-Flag, known for their feminist stance and activism, released an album benefiting women victims of crime. Yet, their lead singer now stands accused of the very crimes they publicly denounced.

Some of the accusers even suggested the entire band was complicit in the alleged abuse.

In response, the remaining members of Anti-Flag issued a statement expressing their commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful environment and emphasizing the importance of survivors sharing their stories.

In a previous statement regarding the band’s dissolution, they stated, “A core tenet of the band Anti-Flag is to listen to and believe all survivors of sexual violence and abuse.”

“The recent allegations about Justin are in direct contradiction to that tenet. Therefore, we felt the only immediate option was to disband.”

Despite these shocking revelations, the band members claim they never witnessed any violent or aggressive behavior from Sane towards women during the band’s 30-year existence.

This scandal serves as a stark reminder that abusers can be found anywhere, even within groups that outwardly advocate for the rights and safety of victims.