Film Exposing Bidens’ Dirty Secrets Based on Hunter’s Laptop Wins Praise  


“My Son Hunter,” the feature film based on shocking revelations from the “laptop from hell” of Hunter Biden, has been met with applause in a secret screening of conservatives in the Hollywood film-making industry, according to a report.

‘Laptop from Hell’ Movie

“My Son Hunter,” which will become available for streaming and download on September 7, is being distributed by Breitbart News.

It uses the feature film genre to tell the story of myriad revelations about First Son Hunter Biden, his father Joe Biden, and the Biden family.

The revelations from the prodigal First Son’s “laptop from hell” over the past couple of years exposed Hunter Biden’s murky international business dealings with places such as communist China.

It exposed his lavish lifestyle, coupled with money problems, his borrowing of money from his father for rehab (to then spent on Russian prostitutes), and his addictions to sex, drugs, and alcohol.

The first revelations from the prodigal First Son’s laptop emerged publicly in October 2020, weeks before the 2020 presidential election, when they were reported only by The New York Post.

Back then, the leftist mainstream media ignored the story or ridiculed it as “Russian misinformation.”

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently told podcaster Joe Rogan that back then, the FBI told the social media platform to censor the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

A recent public opinion poll found a lot more Americans may have voted for Trump, had they been aware of the story at the time.


Hollywood Conservatives Stifled

An actual screening of My Son Hunter took place in Los Angeles this week. The “laptop from hell” film got a standing ovation, according to a report cited by Breitbart News.

The screening featured “Hollywood conservatives,” including influencers and producers. It was an invitation-only event.

It took place in a private screening room without photographers, red carpets, or any of the features usually associated with such Hollywood events.

The attendees are reported to have lauded the producers of My Son Hunter – Phelim McAleer and Anne McElhinney – for having the courage to make a feature film defying leftist propaganda.

Most of the guests at the screening asked to remain anonymous. One of them is quoted as saying today’s Hollywood is in “hyper-cancel culture mode.”

Lois & Clark actor Dean Cain said the situation of Hunter Biden deserves to be told to the American public, but the mainstream media hasn’t done that.

“My Son Hunter” stars Laurence Fox as Hunter Biden. Joe Biden is played by John James and Gina Carano plays a Secret Service agent.

The film is directed by Robert Davi, who starred as an actor in License to Kill and Die Hard. He addressed the screening audience via Zoom.

Davi told Newsweek the left is holding down voices in America. Most conservatives in Hollywood “are afraid to speak up,” which “has got to change.”

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.