Finally, Time for the Climate Activists to Reap What They Had Coming!

After their stunt at the National Gallery of Art made headlines around a month ago, two climate change activists are now facing federal charges for their protest, one that few would ever associate with an eco-friendly mindset.

In fact, the climate change loonies are anything but friendly. The fact they’re willing to deface works of art, some of them over a hundred years old, only goes to show how detached from reality they really are.

What’s art got to do with climate change?

One of the “activists” even claimed he was distressed when he was asked to turn himself in, claiming being in cuffs for hours didn’t feel good, almost as if he were expecting something else.

Unlike the infamous protest from last year involving a can of soup and glue, this one was organized by the group Declare Emergency. The group also claimed responsibility for the closure of George Washington Parkway that same week.

The man in question, Tim Martin, smeared paint over the casing that holds Edgar Degas’ “Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen” sculpture, causing public outrage and leading to the arrest of him and his accomplice.

The group took to their Twitter account to boast about the “successful” protest, calling it a statement against climate change; although one would have to squint really hard to see the connection.

Five years in prison ought to do it

It’s alleged that the “protest,” as the group calls it, caused around $2.4k in damages. The exhibit has been removed from display for ten days in order for it to be repaired.

Upon being interviewed, Martin stated he believes his sacrifice was worth it and necessary for the sake of raising awareness.

That being said, the only awareness the rest of us got out of it was the knowledge that climate change activists don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. When they think they do, they’ll go and vandalize a work of art for their pointless agenda.

At the time, Martin is facing two pretty serious charges: one for conspiring to commit an offense against the US and another one for causing serious damage to the National Gallery of Art and their exhibit on display.

Because of these, he’s facing up to five years in prison and an additional fine of $250k, which many of his supporters have declared to be too harsh.

No amount of common sense works with these people. Even though Martin’s sentencing may end up being for the sake of turning him into an example, incidents like this one won’t stop happening.