Fired Nurses in New York Burning Their Scrubs to Protest Vaccine Mandate

New York’s COVID vaccine mandate that went into effect on Monday has left hundreds of healthcare workers fired from their positions in the hospitals. Several nurses and other healthcare professionals, therefore, decided to light their scrubs on fire.

This happened in front of Staten Island University to show their disgust at New York’s COVID vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

Healthcare workers have every right to be upset; they were praised as heroes at the beginning of the pandemic. Yet, as soon as they would not comply with getting vaccinated, then they were deemed as incompetent and, as a result, are being fired.

Just take a look at this video of the protest:

Hospital workers had until September 27th to be fully vaccinated; now that it’s the month of October, many hospitals are starting to take action against their unvaccinated staff and are firing them.

New York Hospitals Now Have Staff Shortages

Now that mass layoffs are taking place in hospitals, the governor of New York warned if the trend continues, she will deploy the National Guard to work at hospitals that need extra staff members. She also mentioned she has a plan to train National Guard members to perform medical tasks.

It appears Gov. Hochul wants to turn New York into a military state that tramples on the rights of the people. Hochul also plans to bring healthcare workers from foreign countries in an attempt to lower the gap in staff shortages.

So essentially, Governor Hochul is creating a problem and then solving her problem by using the military and foreigners, which sounds like a disastrous plan.

Governor Hochul Previously Told Church Members to be Her Apostles

In a bizarre move, Gov. Hochul decided to preach behind the pulpit at Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn; she told the churchgoers to be her apostles and tell the unvaccinated to get vaccinated.

She didn’t stop there though and things got even creepier. She continued and went on record saying the unvaccinated people are not listening to God. At one point during her “sermon”, she said Jesus told us to love everyone.

Then Hochul said if you really love somebody, you would make sure that you’re vaccinated. Hochul was clearly trying to manipulate a church into evangelizing not for Christ, but rather she encouraged them to coerce their spheres of influence to get people vaccinated.

This is a scary scene because it shows the government is looking to take over the pulpits in America to push their own agenda. The pulpit should be to preach the Good News, not bash people who refuse to get vaccinated.

Pastors should not let any type of wolf have an influence on their congregation; it’s sad the pastor of this church allowed Hochul to come right in and speak because she has a title in front of her name.