First-time Canadian Teenage Lottery Player Wins $48m

When Juliette Lamour played the lottery for the first time and won the jackpot, the astute adolescent did not waste any time in consulting with a financial advisor, whom she refers to as “Dad.”

The young lady, who is just 18 years old, has won C$48 million (about $35.8 million or £29.7 million), making her the youngest person from Canada to ever win such a large reward.

Staying Humble

Juliette, on the other hand, aims to keep her feet firmly firmly on the ground, in contrast to the behavior of many adolescents who are suddenly bestowed with unbelievable wealth and may run wild.

The student at the university intends to complete her education and then pursue a career in medicine.

As she celebrated her victory from the previous month at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation on Friday, she remarked, “Of course, I was weeping, but they were joyful tears.”

She couldn’t quite wrap her head around the fact that her very first lottery ticket had won her the Gold Ball prize.

Juliette, who lives in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, claimed she had completely forgotten about the lottery until she learned somebody from her small hometown won the draw that took place on January 7th.

She proceeded to check her ticket using a mobile app. All of a sudden, a jingle started playing and the words “Big Winner” appeared over the screen.

Juliette relayed that one of her coworkers was so shocked he dropped to his knees. He was screaming at her. In fact, everyone was shouting that she won $48 million in the lottery.

However, her mother urged that she stay and finish her shift even though her supervisor had assured her she may go early.

Giving Back and Other Plans

Juliette stated she plans to “carefully” invest the bulk of the prize with the assistance of her father, who works in the financial management industry.

In point of fact, her father already provided her with the finest piece of advice about her finances; in fact, it was his suggestion that she purchase the Lotto 6/49 rapid pick.

Without having to worry about scholarships or student loans, Juliette intends to use some of the money to pursue her lifelong goal of becoming a physician.

She stated she wants to return to northern Ontario to work as a physician and provide assistance to the local population.

However, Juliette does have some lighthearted plans for the money she will get from the prize. She stated once she is finished with school, she and her family would select a continent and begin their travels there.

Her travel goals include seeing a variety of countries, learning about their heritage and traditions, partaking in local cuisine, and picking up some of the native tongues.

She also has the intention of taking some of the guidance that her friends and family have given her to heart. She stated the job that one performs, and not the amount of money that one possesses, is what ultimately defines a person.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.