Florida Democrat Dodging Biden’s Upcoming Visit to the State

Many Democrats are subtly making it clear that they’re wanting to cut ties with Joe Biden. As it turns out, many in the party have likewise opined in various magazines that Biden should steer clear of running for president again in 2024.

Several Democrats also raised eyebrows when they came out against Biden’s student loan debt program, claiming it wasn’t gone about in the proper manner.

Despite record-low approval ratings, Biden still seems to believe he’s an asset to the party. This is why the president will soon be in Orlando, Florida to stump for Democrats in the state who have upcoming elections.

However, one key Democrat, Senate candidate Val Demings, will not be attending Biden’s upcoming event, as documented by Fox News.

A No-Show For Biden’s Approaching Campaign Event

The president will visit Orlando on Tuesday to try persuading Floridians to elect Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist and Democratic Senate candidate Val Demings.

Crist will be there when Biden visits Orlando; though Washington DC is where Demings will be. This has caught a lot of attention, considering Demings’ deep professional roots in Orlando.

Sen. Marco Rubio, Demings’ opponent, has weighed in on her not showing up for Biden’s upcoming event. Rubio claimed that Demings doesn’t want to deal with the negative impacts her policies have had on Floridians.

Val Demings isn’t an outlier in this regard. During various other times when Biden’s visited states, some Democrats have conveniently found reasons not to be there.

If Demings was truly serious about showing up for Biden, she could very well make it happen.

A Waste of a Trip

In Florida, there are more than 200,000 additional Republican voters than left-wing ones.

This means that even if Biden got every single Democrat in the state to vote for Crist and Demings, it still wouldn’t be enough to prevent DeSantis and Rubio from winning their elections.

Polls have shown that both Florida Republicans are expected to defeat their Democratic rivals.

Biden, rather than going to Florida next week, would be much better served fixing the messes he’s made in this country. Some examples include securing the southern border, bringing down inflation, lowering crime rates, and much more.

Nevertheless, when the president visits Orlando, Floridians can expect him to continue his standard talking points that push Democrats as the only viable candidates to vote for.

The White House has not made any public statements about Demings’ plan to be a no-show when Biden appears on Tuesday.

What do you think of yet another Democrat with an election coming up steering clear of Joe Biden? Do you believe more Democrats are beginning to see the president as a liability? Feel free to let us know your thoughts about this in the comments section.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.