Former Biden Aide Now Heading to Jail

Earlier in his administration, Joe Biden made the ill-advised choice to hire Sam Brinton as a nuclear energy official. This quickly backfired, largely due to Brinton’s online presence and later criminality.

Brinton made national headlines after it came to light that he stole luggage belonging to women from various airports. Not only did the now-former Biden aide take this luggage, but he was also later seen wearing the clothing within the bags.

Breaking news from the Daily Wire reveals that Brinton’s crimes are finally catching up to him. Not only is he no longer working for the White House, but Brinton is also heading to jail.

Lockup Time

Brinton will be placed in a Maryland men’s prison before law enforcement has him taken to Virginia to face the music for luggage theft. Earlier this month, police took Brinton into custody in Rockville over his stealing other people’s bags at the airport.

On May 17, Brinton’s residence was likewise hit with a search warrant, thereby giving law enforcement the right to search the premises.

Due to multiple airport luggage thefts, Brinton is now staring down several felonies. From the looks of things, he’s going to be spending quite a bit of time behind bars even after he’s been extradited to Virginia.

An Embarrassment For the Biden Administration

When Biden first hired Brinton to work in the US Energy Department, many Americans questioned what he was thinking.

The criminal charges that Brinton is facing as a result of his own actions have solidified the views of people who maintain that he never belonged in the White House.

From the looks of things, the Biden administration seems to be working on distancing itself from Brinton and the negative press surrounding him. Thus far, there’s been no comment from the White House about Brinton’s latest legal problems.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.