Ex-CNN Camera Operator Arrested for Threatening to Kill Rep. Matt Gaetz & His Family

A former CNN camera operator has just been arrested, after he allegedly made threats to kill Republican Representative of Florida Matt Gaetz.

Fox News reported former CNN camera operator Eugene Huelsman called Rep. Gaetz’s office; he then stated he was going to kill Gaetz and his children too.

Huelsman used some very graphic language in his voicemail with Gaetz’s office; he declared he was was going to put bullet holes into Gaetz and bullet holes into his children. Huelsman made the phone call on January 9th and is just now being arrested.

Gaetz initially sent the phone call to Capitol Police to conduct an investigation on Huelsman; however, it wasn’t until May that Huelsman was indicted. This week, he was finally found in the state of California.

If Huelsman was a Trump supporter who left Pelosi a death threat, he would’ve been arrested the week he made the call.

New Man Last Week Also Threatened Matt Gaetz’s Life

Gaetz, on Tuesday and while speaking on the House floor, stated a man threatened his life, but the DOJ refused to do anything about it.

On the floor, Gaetz described how the DOJ is taking sides; they have refused to arrest the man who made the threats. What’s even worse is the man was in D.C. at the same time Gaetz was planned to speak in front of Congress.

We all have seen how the DOJ has gone above and beyond, arresting anyone who even stepped a foot inside of the Capitol. However, when radical leftists are threatening to kill members of Congress, the DOJ is sitting on their hands.

DOJ Neglect to Protect Republicans Led to the Steve Scalise Shooting

On June 14th 2017, Republican Representative Steve Scalise was shot while Republicans were practicing for their annual Democrats vs. Republicans charity softball game. The shooting took place in Alexandria, Virginia; the man behind the trigger was a left-wing extremist by the name of James Hodgkinson.

Hodgkinson shot Rep. Scalise, Capitol Police Officer Crystal Griner, and congressional aides Zack Barth and Matt Mika. A police officer eventually shot Hodgkinson, who later died in the hospital.

Scalise suffered major injuries after the bullet struck his hip and ripped through some vital organs. He was able to make a complete recovery, however, and other victims were able to do the same.

Nevertheless, for months and years, the left refused to call the shooting an act of left-wing terrorism. Still, to this very day, Democrats are silent about the incident.

To the left, January 6th is way worse than the congressional baseball game shooting, even though no members of Congress were harmed. However, some members of Congress (like AOC) claim to have psychological trouble from the event.