Former MI6 Chief Claims Putin Will Be Out of Office By 2023

"PUTIN" by Carmen Rodriguez

Rumors of Putin being shipped off to a sanatorium by the end of 2022 have arisen.

This was initially presented to the general public by former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove in his podcast last week; although there’s yet to be any conclusive evidence on the matter.

On the other hand, though, it’s not the first, and certainly not the last, of the barrage of rumors surrounding the Russian president’s health. Most of them are coming from the idea that it’d be the only non-violent method to remove him from power.

“PUTIN” by Carmen Rodriguez

Putin shows signs of declining health

All Russian governing systems were designed with the major flaw of not incorporating transitions of power.

Though now that the country is facing an embarrassing loss on the Ukrainian battlefield, paired with Putin’s unwillingness to put an end to the conflict, it may finally be time for some radical changes.

After reports surfaced that the president underwent an emergency medical procedure, Sir Richard Dearlove claimed it’s highly likely that Putin will be placed in a sanatorium for the incurably unwell.

While he might come out one day, he certainly won’t be Russia’s leader when he does.

At the moment, it’s the only conceivable option to end the Ukrainian war, and the global food shortages that followed, without employing a dangerously violent coup that would cost the lives of thousands of innocent Russians.

Last month, it was found that Putin was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, leading to 24-hour specialist doctor surveillance of his condition, prior to the treatment.

This, if director Oliver Stone is to be trusted, was a successful one, with Putin suffering only minor swelling around the face and neck post-op.

Who’s the runner up to the throne?

Currently, there’s no real clue of who could succeed Putin, should he abandon his post due to health issues.

However, Dearlove’s got his money on Nikolai Patrushev, the National Security Council’s secretary, as well as one of Putin’s main security officers.

Additionally, he claimed we could be nearing the end of Russia’s current regime. However, it’s not necessarily going to disappear; rather, it will begin to crumble over the course of the upcoming year.

It’s no secret Putin’s “special military operation” in Ukraine, as he likes to call it, was a catastrophe.

While there were significant casualties from both sides, Russia will ultimately have drawn the shortest straw from this altercation; their economy is already showing signs of collapsing entirely.

The sanctions imposed by the West had already begun to take their toll.

In tandem with them, the massive pull-out of western companies from the country is bound to cripple their market, especially given the fact Russia was importing a majority of their goods.

Inflation in Russia is already reaching unbearable heights. The Russian people are going to be paying an arm and a leg for the violent, criminal actions of their leader.

While it’s still unclear whether the reports regarding Putin’s health are legitimate, there are numerous clips of the warmonger jittering in his seat and shaking his leg during interviews.