Ex-Trump Aide Jason Miller Detained in Brazil

Trump’s previous aide, Jason Miller, was delayed at a Brazilian airport where he was interrogated for three hours. According to Brazilian authorities, Miller was detained after Brazil’s Supreme Court ordered him to testify under an investigation for anti-democratic actions.

According to Fox News, after three hours of interrogation, Miller and his crew were able to finally board their private plane where they arrived safely back in the United States.

Miller, who is the founder of the popular conservative free speech app Gettr, was in Brazil to speak at their CPAC (Conservatives Political Action Committee). A report by Fox News also confirmed Miller was also able to meet up with the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, and his son.

Jason Miller Speaks Out on Being Detained

In a statement, Jason Miller said he wasn’t accused of any crimes while he was being detained, but authorities just had to ask him questions. Miller said they didn’t have a lot to say to authorities and were eventually allowed to leave the country. Later, Miller ended his statement by saying his goal of sharing free speech continues.

Data shows that 14% of users on Miller’s free speech app GETTR hail from Brazil. Miller founded GETTR after he was banned from both Twitter and Facebook for exercising his free speech.

GETTR, just like Parler and Gab, offers conservatives a safe place to exercise their 1st Amendments rights without being censored. As of right now, GETTR has over 1.5 million users and the number is expected to grow.

Brazil’s President Has a Massive Following

Videos on Twitter have hundreds of thousands of people in support of President Jair Bolsonaro after he was under investigation for spreading misinformation online. Many of President Bolsonaro’s supporters believe he is under attack for exercising his free speech.

Just take a look at these massive crowds in support of President Bolsonaro:

Bolsonaro is also loved by his supporters for objecting to vaccine passports in Brazil. Hundreds of thousands of people are protesting against Brazil’s political machine that is persecuting Bolsonaro for speaking in defense of civil rights for unvaccinated people.

Rio De Janeiro, for the last couple of days, has been a sea of anti-communist and pro-Bolsonaro demonstrations.

President Jair Bolsonaro has the people behind him, but the establishment has been fighting him every chance they get. In August, both Brazil’s Congress and court systems rejected Bosonaro’s attempt to use paper ballots, instead opting to use electronic voting machines which can be potentially hacked.

Many liberals in Brazil have compared him to Trump and claim he is sowing seeds of doubt that will lead to a coup in Brazil. Of course, none of that is true but as usual, liberals are using fear-mongering rhetoric in order to control people.