Former Vice President Mike Pence Turns on Trump

After four years of cooperation in office with former President Donald Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence made accusations that Trump endangered him and his family with the comments he’d made about January 6th.

Pence’s claim on the matter came up in an interview he’d done for ABC News, where he clarified that both his wife and daughter were present in the Capitol building during the infamous protests.

Mike Pence throws very serious allegations at Trump

According to the former vice president, Trump’s words at the time were reckless, to say the least. Pence then said it was clear to him at that point that Trump decided to become part of the problem, instead of solving it.

What Pence could be referring to, among other things, is a tweet Trump had made targeting him. In this tweet, Trump claimed Pence did not have enough courage to deny the 2020 election results, even though he lacked the legal authority to follow up on that.

Pence, as a result of this, decided to make it sound as serious as humanly possible. The former vice president ended up telling the interviewer that he then told his daughter courage is necessary when upholding the law, not when breaking it.

This sentiment of his is Pence’s biggest condemnation of former President Donald Trump ever since he left the White House. It’s clear that Pence won’t be interested in serving alongside him once again.

Pence wouldn’t like to see Trump run in 2024

The storming on January 6th happened after a Trump rally in Washington, D.C. This is where the former president urged his followers to protest the election results at the Capitol Building, which quickly escalated into rioting.

However, many media channels purposely leave out how some Trump supporters remained outside on the lawn, while dozens of others swarmed inside, despite the pleading of the crowd that was protesting peacefully.

This lack of information is exactly why Trump has been under investigation for the event for almost two years now. It has been purposely used to smear the name of the MAGA movement and Republicans as a whole.

Trump is highly likely to announce his 2024 presidential run this week. While Pence is certainly not on his side anymore, he remains a potential challenger for the White House, even though he’s yet to announce a presidential campaign.

In spite of not having given any information on his intentions to run for office, Pence did state he’d like someone “better” than the former president to run.

The one candidate that comes to mind is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whose performance in this year’s midterm elections was one for the ages, captivating the conservative crowd and amassing a huge following.