Former White House Physician Ronny Jackson Thinks Biden Will Resign

Texas Representative Ronny Jackson, who also was Trump’s former physician, had a bold prediction regarding Biden’s time in office. Dr. Jackson declared that Biden will resign in the very near future, due to his ongoing cognitive decline issues.

Dr. Jackson made his statements during an interview with Fox News Host Sean Hannity. He pointed to Biden’s recent town hall as proof that Biden has some serious health cognitive health issues.

In case you didn’t catch Biden’s town hall hosted by CNN, you didn’t miss much, considering half of Biden’s answers to questions were incomprehensible.

In one part of the interview, Dr. Jackson praised President Trump for passing his cognitive test 30 out of 30. He then went on to say if Biden were to take a cognitive test, then the House would have to invoke the 25th Amendment, due to the fact Biden wouldn’t be fit to be president.

What All Does A Cognitive Test Involve?

Cognitive tests are a screening process that aims to test whether an individual has a cognitive impairment or not. They test your memory, language skills, thinking abilities, and your ability to identify different objects.

We know for sure that Biden, more than likely, would have a hard time with his memory skills and language skills; that’s considering almost every time Biden speaks to the press without his cards, he always seems to produce a gaffe.

History Of The 25th Amendment

The 25th Amendment was added to the Constitution close to two years after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. When the assassination took place, many noticed Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson was injured, thus raising many questions about who would sit as the president.

After the tragic death of JFK, Congress sought to end any confusion regarding who would be president or vice president if any untimely deaths or diseases left the president or vice president unable to do their job.

So the House and Senate came up with a joint resolution; they sent it to all the states for its ratification, and in 1967, Lyndon B. Johnson signed it into law in February.

The 25th Amendment Consists of Four Different Sections and Here They Are:

I. Declares that if a president passes away or steps down, the vice president will then be president

II. Declares that if a vice president leaves their position due to death, sickness, or resignation, then the president would nominate a new vice president that Congress would then vote on.

III. Says that if the president tells the pro tempore of the Senate and the House Speaker, (s)he’s is unable able to do his/her duties, then the vice president would then do the duties of the president until the president returns. The vice president wouldn’t be sworn in, but rather temporarily do the duties of the president until they’re is able to perform regular duties again.

IV. Declares when the vice president and a large majority of Congress state that the president is physically or mentally unfit, then the vice president would be sworn in as president.

Section IV of the 25th Amendment has never been used, but was almost enacted after Reagan was shot in 1981. Some of Reagan’s staffers in 1987 suggested that section IV should be invoked on the president due to his episodes of impairment, but his chief of staff declared Reagan was completely fine.

In 1994 Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s which led many people to believe he had symptoms of Alzheimer’s while in office, but doctors deny those claims. So is that why Biden has refused a cognitive test? Is it because he’s afraid the 25th Amendment will be invoked? It appears so.