Fox News Host Chris Wallace Now Works at CNN

One of Fox News’ biggest Trump critics has finally shown his true colors and left the network, only to find a new job at CNN. Chris Wallace worked for Fox News as an anchor for a long 18 years, but now, he’s switching over to Fox’s biggest rival.

Wallace made his announcement at the end of a news broadcast on Sunday; he told viewers he will now work for CNN+, which is a new streaming service being launched by CNN.

Before working at Fox News, Wallace previously worked for ABC and NBC News before being offered his own show.

It’s believed Wallace is leaving the show due to a current riff he has with the executives of the network. One decision Wallace didn’t agree with was the firing of two executives who decided to call Arizona early for Biden on election night.

Another reason that drove Wallace away from Fox News was the network allowing Tucker Carlson to report the truth about the January 6th riot.

Flashback to Wallace Moderating the 2020 Debate

During the first 2020 debate between Trump and Biden, it was clear that Wallace favored Biden. Wallace, on several occasions, refused to let Trump respond to Biden or even allow Trump to expose Biden for his past mistakes.

On a nightly basis, Wallace not only showed his lack of support towards Trump, but also sounded like a liberal after the 2020 election. Therefore, it’s no surprise he’s running to CNN now.

CNN Has Some Major Problems Right Now

A CNN producer was recently indicted by a grand jury for allegedly sexually abusing a young girl and coercing several other minors to have sexual encounters with him.

CNN producer John Griffin reportedly contacted mothers with young daughters and would proceed to coerce those mothers to allow him to sexually abuse their daughters.

The indictment against Griffin stated he met up with a mother through messenger apps. Later on, he paid for her ticket and her daughter’s ticket to visit him in Boston.

Once the daughter and mother arrived, Griffin reportedly took them into his home and then soon after sexually abused the mother’s daughter. The girl was 9 years old at the time of the alleged sexual abuse. Currently, Griffin is suspended while the investigation takes place.

Photos that have been released to the public show Griffin working alongside former CNN show host Chris Cuomo, who was just terminated for reportedly helping his brother cover up his sexual abuse allegations.

CNN is turning out to be a hotbed full of sexual predators and at this point, the ratings are at an all-time low because of it. The network that found fault in everything Trump does has many faults of its own.