France’s Riots Raise US Alarm Over Immigrants and Muslims, Expert Warns

The violent mass street protests in France over the raising of the nation’s retirement age should serve as a giant warning to the United States.

They are largely fueled by the welfare burden the French assumed by allowing huge numbers of immigrants in their country, especially Muslim immigrants, an expert warns.

France’s Mind-Blowing Profligacy

As France’s liberal centrist President Emmanuel Macron moved to raise the country’s retirement age from 62 to 64 years, last week saw tremendous street rallies in Paris and other big cities.

This reached one million demonstrators, with 13,000 riot police deployed to tackle them on Tuesday alone.

The outburst of protests over the small increase in the retirement age in France, however, exposes the “failure” of what is known as “the welfare state,” according to commentary by Robert Spencer, an expert on Islam and PJ Media columnist.

Spencer insists Americans should learn France’s lessons – even as he remains skeptical that we will. He emphasizes that France’s welfare state was ranked as the world’s most generous in a 2016 study.

In 2012, France had a social security deficit of $22 billion. In 2020, that reached $51.4 billion or $55 billion – even though the government forecast it at $5 billion only.

The 2016 report found France’s social welfare spending amounted to 31.5% of its GDP, the biggest in the world in relative terms.

Muslims and Other Third World Migrants

At the same time, another 2016 study by the Brookings Institution found only 15% of native French youth aged 15-21 were unemployed, while those from Africa and the Middle East were 40% unemployed.

That is paradoxical since the migrants were brought to France supposedly to fill jobs after the natives “stopped reproducing” or “aged and retired.” French Muslims and other migrants should have the highest employment in the country.

Yet, they don’t. They live in Muslim ghettos of lawlessness and seem to abide by an Islamic tradition in which non-Muslims should pay for “the upkeep of Muslims,” Spencer emphasized.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.