Freedom Convoy Triples in Size

As part of a coordinated loop around the DC Beltway on Tuesday, three distinct freedom convoy caravans joined forces to form the People’s Convoy; this has grown to its largest size yet.

There are around 2,500-3,000 trucks that have banded together to complete a circuit on Interstate 495 that surrounds the United States Capitol.

A growing number of people joined the demonstration; its organizers published an enlarged list of demands and obtained endorsements from some of America’s most well-known conservative legislators.

Freedom Convoy Meets With Ted Cruz

On Tuesday, ten representatives of the convoy will meet with Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Ron Johnson from Wisconsin to ‘address the detrimental impacts of President Biden’s vaccination requirements,’ according to the convoy’s website.

The coronavirus vaccination and mask regulations, according to the convoy, are an example of “government overreach.” At this time, there is no word on when or where the discussion will take place.

Among the group’s key demands are reopening pipeline projects, stopping big tech oppression, guaranteeing protections for Capitol riot inmates, holding vaccine manufacturers legally liable, making political ideology a protected class – similar to religious freedom – and reaffirming the Bill of Rights.

In addition to encircling the 64-mile Beltway on Tuesday, the now-3,000-vehicle truck cavalcade, which organizers claim stretches 62 miles, will also congest the city’s major artery on Monday.

As the People’s Convoy circled the Beltway on Monday, all lanes came to a complete halt many times; some trucks essentially stopped on the highway, leading all of the vehicles behind them to come to a complete stop.

Maryland State Troopers have issued a warning to the public, advising them to anticipate significant traffic issues in the coming days.

More Details on the Story

On their website, organizers pledged to obstruct traffic until their demands are granted, stressing “every day, it will intensify.”

People’s Convoy event coordinator Brian Brase, of Ohio, declared, ‘We are law-abiding individuals who are simply exercising our liberty to participate in this protest.’

“I’m hoping we will have effective communication with congressmembers that will help get what we’re asking for pushed through in a timely manner,” the 37-year-old truck driver previously said.

Convoy for America, along with the American Freedom Campaign, has joined forces to form the People’s Convoy. This has journeyed across the nation to oppose government overreach, which includes the application of disputed critical race theory in educational settings.

On Saturday, a group of Mothers for America officials riding with the convoy took a detour from the group’s planned route to Washington, D.C. and stopped in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Moms for America visited the county, which is known for its woke school board, heavily-debated transgender policies, and use of critical race theory, according to conservative activist Kimberly Fletcher,

Fletcher told LoudounNow the group was there in the name of reclaiming society for truth, family, freedom, and the Constitution.