Gen. Flynn Slams Democrats in New Tucker Carlson Interview

Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed General Mike Flynn just days after Flynn was subpoenaed by Congress to testify before the January 6th committee.

In the interview, Flynn stated that he was going to testify before Congress because he doesn’t have anything to hide.

Flynn, in the interview, blasted Democrats for moving at hyper speed to take over the country completely. Carlson also pointed out Steve Bannon has been indicted for refusing to answer questions before the January 6th committee.

Bannon has now also been indicted by the Department of Justice for contempt of Congress. The last person to be charged with contempt of Congress was 40 years ago. Therefore, it’s clear Democrats (along with RINOs) are seeking to destroy every patriot who stands up for freedom of speech.

More on Flynn’s Interview

Carlson made it clear in the interview that the Department of Justice is simply the arm of the Democrat Party. He then pointed out how Democrats Eric Holder and John Brennan both lied under oath, but the Department of Justice didn’t indict them.

Carlson went on to say the January 6th commission will indict anyone who doesn’t listen to Nancy Pelosi and Liz Cheney. After Carlson’s long introduction, Flynn let Americans know the Democrat Party is taking over the country right before our very eyes.

Flynn was wearing his “Fight Like Flynn” t-shirt and it’s time to get our popcorn ready.  General Flynn will more than likely go before Congress and testify. We all know he will call out every corrupt leader within the House over them issuing him a subpoena for exercising his freedom of speech.

Details on Steve Bannon’s Indictment

Steve Bannon was indicted by a grand jury after he refused to testify before the January 6th committee. According to Fox News, Bannon faces two counts of contempt after Congress voted 229 to 202 for contempt of court.

The January 6th committee wanted to ask Bannon questions regarding the days before January 6th; they also wanted Bannon to hand over certain documents.

At this point in time, anyone who had any kind of interaction will be handed subpoenas and thrown in jail. Congress is too busy playing cat and mouse with Trump’s political advisors.

Meanwhile, inflation keeps getting higher; our supply chain is being wiped out, our borders are broken, and Afghanistan has fallen.

The witch hunt to persecute Trump’s advisors and supporters seems as if it will never end. Democrats and RINOs have made it clear that the only issue they stand for is the hatred of Donald J. Trump.

Hopefully, the political persecution will end soon because if it doesn’t, the United States will be turning into a communist nation in a matter of a few years.