Gen. Milley Told Chinese Official He Would Warn if Trump Planned Attacks

A recent report, if proven true, could have Joint Chief of Staffs General Mark Milley tried for treason before a court-martial. An excerpt from Bob Woodward’s new book Peril stated that  Milley called a Chinese official; he then assured this Chinese official that if President Trump were to launch an attack, he would warn China accordingly.

Gen. Milley Told Chinese Official He Would Warn if Trump Planned Attacks

According to Reuters, Bob Woodward is the associate editor of the Washington Post; he claimed Gen. Milley made two secret calls to General Li Zuocheng of China’s Liberation Army.

In the calls, he secretly told Gen. Zuocheng he would warn him of any attack Trump would launch against China. As of right now, Gen. Milley has yet to deny the comments; also, he spent the last couple of months bashing Trump every time he came into the spotlight.

If America’s top general was going behind the former president’s back and telling China the Pentagon would warn them if an attack was coming their way, then America is doomed.

President Trump Blasted General Milley

Former President Trump released a statement regarding Gen. Milley’s alleged comments and called the general a dumb***. That wasn’t all though; Trump continued further and said General Milley is one of the worst generals in American history.

Furthermore, Trump went on to note that under Gen. Milley’s watch, over $85 billion worth of military equipment was left in Afghanistan for the Taliban. Trump also gave Milley the benefit of the doubt too, though.

The former president explained he doesn’t trust Bob Woodward’s reporting and called his book Peril fiction. The 45th president concluded his statement by saying he never tried to start a war with China, noting he was the only president in decades to not start a war.

The Pentagon, Under Milley’s Leadership, Killed an Innocent Man

After 13 of our brave U.S. troops, along with hundreds of Afghans, were killed in a bomb blast outside of the Kabul airport, the Pentagon less than 24 hours later issued an airstrike on a supposedly “imminent threat.”

According to General Milley, the airstrike was a righteous kill. However, after investigative journalists did more digging, they found out the drone strike killed ten civilians. Moreover, the “ISIS K member” the Pentagon claimed to be an imminent threat ended up being an aid worker for a California NGO. This aid worker also had no connections to any members of ISIS K.

As General Milley was too busy talking to Congress about how we should educate our military on “white rage” and “critical race theory,” the Taliban was plotting to take over Afghanistan.

The entire Pentagon’s leadership should be replaced because what happened in Afghanistan should never happen again in U.S. history. It was a complete and total embarrassment.