General Milley Defends His Secret Call to Chinese General

A recent bombshell report by Bob Woodward, a Washington Post associate editor, stated that Joint Chief of Staffs General Mark Milley reportedly contacted General Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army of China.

According to ABC News, in the secretive call, General Milley told Gen. Zuocheng he would give him a warning if the United States were to ever attack China. Per the report by Woodward, Gen. Milley wanted to assure China the United States was stable after the Capitol riot on January 6th.

Milley also made a point of claiming that if Trump did decide to attack China, Milley would be the one to give the CCP a heads up.

General Milley Defends His Secret Call to Chinese General

The initial report by Woodward left many people hoping it was fake news. Although, now, Gen. Milley is defending his phone call. Milley said his phone call with the Chinese General was not overthrowing the commander-in-chief’s authority.

Gen. Milley spokesperson, Col. Dave Butler, confirmed that Milley did, in fact, call China in October and on January 8th. Col. Butler went on to say the calls were part of Gen. Milley’s duty as the Joint Chief of Staff to keep strategic stability with China.

General Milley Literally Admitted to Committing Treason

America’s top general didn’t even deny the fact he notified China he would warn them if President Trump were to launch an attack against China; meanwhile, the left is praising Milley as a war hero.

Many Republican lawmakers, such as Senator Rand Paul, however, want General Milley to be court-martialed or resign from office. Senator Marco Rubio has also been very outspoken over Gen. Milley’s betrayal to America and called for Biden to fire Milley.

President Trump isn’t too happy that Milley went behind his back to comfort China either; Trump also declared that Milley should be charged with treason immediately.

Biden Backs General Milley

In a recent press conference, Biden emphatically showed his support for General Mark Milley and went on record saying he has great confidence in Milley. Biden’s comments prove he rather throw his support behind a treasonous general than show even an inch of support towards Trump.

The White House tossing its support behind General Milley is a scary warning of what the future of America holds. The Trump administration made it a priority to put America first.

However, Biden’s pledging alliance to Milley shows that Biden will put China first. White House press secretary Jen Psaki, in a separate press conference, called Milley a patriot and said Biden has complete trust in him.

Nobody in the Pentagon is taking accountability for what happened in Afghanistan. Just two weeks later, we are finding out that America’s top general cozied up to a Chinese general. If this trend continues, the great country we live in today will no longer be a superpower.