George Floyd Incident Makes America Return To Hating One Another | The Andrew Klavan Show Ep. 903


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As the pandemic crisis passes over, joyful Americans return to hating one another and burning stuff down after the fatal arrest of George Floyd. Plus, Andrew discusses exactly why the press is so dangerous when covering these types of stories. Andrew also talks about his differences with Ben Shapiro on their outlook about politics, and Jenna Ellis joins the show to discuss President Trump’s new executive order targeting social media companies.

0:00 – Intro
2:18 – Top Comment
2:58 – The Big Idea: Nobody Wins a Riot
6:52 – Riot in Minneapolis
9:07 – The reason the press is so dangerous
13:07 – Don Lemon’s horrible George Floyd take shows why he’s bad at his job
16:05 – Maxine Waters’ ridiculous comment about police officer
17:23 – Joe Biden’s response to George Floyd death
21:26 – How the Trump administration is dealing with Twitter/Social Media
30:42 – Jenna Ellis interview on Trump’s social media executive order plans

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