German Doctors May Be on the Verge of Discovering Resurrection Technology

Death is an integral part of this beautiful thing we call life. It’s something each and every last one of us will experience at some point.

However, things may not have to be that way and with recent developments in science, you could possibly live forever.

Where do we draw the line?

Of course, we’re not talking about halting the aging process or making you immortal, but rather the possibility of cryopreservation being an effective strategy to extend one’s lifespan.

A startup company in Berlin has decided that the demand for eternal life is high enough to actually go through with this crazy idea; their nitrogen-based cryopreservation chambers are the cutting edge of modern technology.

According to company officials, the waiting list for their services is already in the hundreds. With 10 bodies already preserved by using cryogenic chemicals, their next big leap is reanimating them after a while.

They claim their goal is to preserve a person’s brain/body immediately after death, which may allow them to wait an extended time for technology to develop to a point where resurrection is a common thing.

To no one’s surprise, the people already preserved in Tomorrow Biostasis all tend to work in tech, a common thing for most interested in this trend.

The majority only wishes to have their brains preserved though, claiming that future tech will allow for 3D-printed bodies with customizable parts.

Jumping through hoops to make cryo-tech legal

To keep everything legal and away from the scorn of the public eye, the company labels every patient as a scientific body donation before shipping them off to Switzerland’s European Biostasis foundation.

The process cools the body to a chilly -196 degrees celsius, after which the body is placed in a tank pressurized with nitrogen to maintain the preservation for longer periods of time.

Naturally, there are more than a few downsides to getting your body frozen while you wait for technology to advance to a point where resurrection is a common, everyday thing.

One of the most notable ones is the fact that no one knows how the hell that would even work, as we’ve barely even tread the line between life and death.

Of course, believing is incredibly important when it comes to these things and you can’t go into these things without knowing you’re making a huge risk.

On top of it all, waking up in a new reality, 50 years after your own can be pretty difficult, especially if the world has moved on a significant amount from the moment your body was preserved.

Then, there’s the question of the ethicality of the entire program, seeing as it directly conflicts with all of the teachings regarding tinkering with human life we’ve been given.

Despite all the tech, it’s hard to say it’ll really be you inside your head by the time the procedure is complete; although this isn’t a matter to concern one’s self with.