Ghislaine Maxwell’s Guilty Verdict Could Turn into a Mistrial

Jeffery Epstein’s sadistic partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, who was found guilty of child sex trafficking charges last week, is now seeking a new trial.

Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell are seeking a mistrial, due to the fact one of the jurors of the trial, in an interview with Reuters, told the news outlet he was a victim of sexual abuse.

A report by BBC declared juror Scotty David told Reuters he shared his childhood sexual abuse story to members of the jurors, which convinced them to declare Ghislaine Maxwell guilty.

Another problematic statement the juror told the news outlet was he quickly read the jury questionnaire which asked if he was ever sexually abused before. Maxwell’s lawyers are furious and are demanding Judge Alison Nathan give a new trial.

Just When Everybody Thought It Was Over..

Just when the world thought justice was served, this bizarre incident occurs. Many users on Twitter believe this was all planned out by Maxwell’s team and the juror is being paid off.

It’s quite insane that after a high profile trial like Maxwell’s, which involved sexual abuse of children, anyone would say anything that would jeopardize the decision, unless they were paid to do so.

Maxwell, whose father had connections to Mossad (an Israeli intelligence group), had connections with high profile leaders all across the world.

Maxwell and Epstein themselves also had connections with people like the Pope, Bill Clinton, and Bill Gates.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be outlandish to think someone from Maxwell’s camp got in contact with a juror to make them run their mouth to the news and cause a mistrial.

Victims are Speaking Out

Attorney Lisa Bloom, who is representing eight Epstein accusers, said the news of a mistrial in the talks is absolutely heartbreaking.

Bloom argued it would be insane if Maxwell got a new trial just because a juror detailed about his own horrific sexual abuse memories.

Maxwell’s lawyers are claiming juror Scotty David was not being completely honest in his juror questionnaire and, in that alone, there should be a new trial.

Judge Alison Nathan (who just got a new promotion from Biden) already set a time and date for a mistrial motion.

Victims of Maxwell and Epstein poured their hearts out before the courtroom, only to have their justice be stolen from them from someone who either was paid off or just wanted his five minutes of fame in an interview.

After the Rittenhouse trial, jurors stayed silent and didn’t jeopardize the case in any way to cause a mistrial. That is what the jurors in this trial should’ve done too.

Hopefully, Judge Alison will strike down any chance of a new trial, but things are looking up in the air for now.