Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial is Underway

Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial has just started. Many believe Maxwell won’t go down without bringing others down with her. Maxwell, who was Epstein’s right-hand woman, is being accused in a federal court of recruiting underage girls and grooming them to be sexually abused.

Maxwell is specifically being charged with grooming four teenage girls from 1994 to 2004. The crimes reportedly took place at Epstein’s homes in Manhattan, Palm Beach, New Mexico, and London.

Maxwell is currently being held in a federal Brooklyn prison where she is undergoing extreme surveillance.

More Details on Maxwell’s Trial

All four of Maxwell’s accusers are expected to take the stand.

The first woman, who was a minor and a victim, will reportedly tell jurors how Maxwell and herself met when she was 14 years old. She will also testify how Maxwell made her undress in front of Epstein and how both of them allegedly sexually abused her.

Prosecutors will also hear how Epstein and Maxwell had a prior relationship together. Maxwell was arrested in July of 2020, but her trial has since been delayed, due to appeals and COVID-19 protocols.

Besides the four accusers, many more of Epstein and Maxwell’s victims will be in attendance to see if justice will prevail. Maxwell’s former boyfriend Jeffery Epstein was a convicted pedophile who was facing child sex trafficking charges in 2019.

However, Epstein never made it to the stand because he was found dead in a cell by “suicide.” Although, evidence shows there was some foul play involved.

The Trial Already Has Some Controversy

The judge who is currently overseeing the big trial was recently nominated by Joe Biden to the Court of Appeals. The move came at the wrong time, considering many conservative analysts believe that’s Biden’s way of getting involved in a case that has some of his major donors nervous.

It’s a bit strange Biden chose to nominate Judge Alison Nathan just days before she oversees one of the biggest cases in United States criminal history.

Attorneys are expecting one of two things to occur during the trial. The first scenario is Maxwell just exposes everyone who was ever involved in Epstein’s child sex trafficking ring. In return, she’ll get the book thrown at her.

The other option is Maxwell plays nice, keeps her mouth shut, and in return, she’ll get a sweetheart deal and a comfy cell, just like Epstein previously received in the early 2000s.

Maxwell and Epstein weren’t meeting up with D-list celebrities. Instead, pictures have shown the two with the Pope, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and more.

Maxwell and Epstein were connected to the highest people in society. Now, all of their reputations are hanging on what Maxwell says in federal court throughout the next several weeks.