GiveSendGo Refuses to Stop Donations to the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy

The Canadian government has just gone full-blown totalitarian on the truckers protesting vaccine mandates.

The government of Ottawa succeeded in petitioning a Superior Court judge to freeze all donations towards the Freedom Convoy’s GiveSendGo page.

Ottawa’s Attorney General brought a petition to the Superior Court. This petition aimed for the 490.8 Criminal Code to be enforced, which would prohibit all donations to the freedom convoy truckers.

The Superior Court Judge’s decision, however, made no difference to GiveSendGo, which is a Christian crowdfunding site.

In an official statement sent out in a tweet, GiveSendGo stated Canada has NO jurisdiction over what their company does because GiveSendGo is based in the United States and not Canada.

The Christian crowdfunding site would go on to say all donations to truckers will not be frozen, but rather distributed directly to the truckers.

More on Ontario Freezing the Funds

Before the Ontario government decided to attempt freezing GiveSendGo’s funds, local police officers started to seize fuel and amenities that were given to truckers in downtown Ontario.

A judge even made it illegal to aid the truckers by giving them fuel, food, or amenities. Many believe this move is a human rights violation, considering many of the truckers have their families in the trucks with them. Therefore, without fuel, they would freeze in the frigid temperatures.

Besides criminalizing giving fuel and food to truckers, an Ottawa judge even banned honking in downtown Ottawa. Despite both of the judge’s rulings, there’s still honking and plenty of fuel being handed out downtown.

This is because Canadians are not bowing down to authoritarian commands.

GiveSendGo is Standing Up for Freedom

GiveSendGo has been very popular amongst conservatives and Christians because the donation page gives people a choice to both donate and let the person know you’re praying for them.

GiveSendGo became very popular when its rival, GoFundMe, started to ban conservatives or Christian fundraisers for woke reasons.

Before a campaign for the Canadian truckers began on GiveSendGo, a fundraiser was started on GoFundMe.

The page Freedom Convoy 2022 raised over $8 million dollars until the crowdfunding site said it would no longer support the truckers’ cause and stated it would donate the $8 million to other campaigns.

After major backlash, GoFundMe reversed their decision and stated they would not donate the $8 million to other campaigns, but would reimburse the donations back to the proper givers.

GoFundMe acted in a way that was so outrightly unconstitutional that Texas AG Ken Paxton has launched an investigation into the company.

GoFundMe previously hosted hundreds of Antifa affiliated fundraisers, but when it comes to a conservative fundraiser, it gets canceled. So, next time you’re doing crowdfunding, you might want to stick to GiveSendGo and leave GoFundMe alone.