Gov. Cuomo Urges Businesses To Begin A “Vaccination Admission Only” Policy

Governor Andrew Cuomo has once again crossed the line and urged businesses to start a vaccinated-only admission policy. While giving a press briefing, Gov. Cuomo encouraged restaurants, theatres, bars, and other businesses to start asking for all their patrons to be vaccinated in order to enter into their establishments.

Cuomo then stated that if you tell customers that they’re not allowed inside of a restaurant or business without being vaccinated, then you’ll see an increase in vaccinations.

So essentially, Cuomo is saying that if you ostracize someone for exercising their personal freedoms, then eventually, that person will give up their freedoms in order to continue a normal life.

Along with encouraging businesses to ask for proof of vaccinations, the dictatorial leader of New York also declared that cities of New York should adopt the CDC’s latest recommendations regarding wearing a mask. The new CDC recommendation states that all people including vaccinated individuals should wear a mask inside.

Cuomo Mandates Vaccinations For All Transit Employees

Cuomo has also announced that all Metropolitan Transportation Authority employees must be vaccinated. If any MTA employees refuse to be vaccinated, then they will be subject to daily COVID-19 tests, which are a major inconvenience.

Cuomo’s mandate for MTA employees comes a week after he required all state hospital employees to be vaccinated. Unlike MTA employees, they don’t get a choice to be tested frequently; so if they refuse to be vaccinated by Labor Day, then they will lose their jobs.

Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal and Sexual Assault Accusations Have Disappeared

Two months ago, there were some major calls for Gov. Cuomo to resign for lying about nursing home deaths and for being accused of sexually assaulting a former staffer. Those calls have been very silent; it’s almost as if the mainstream media is once again fawning all over the disgraced governor of New York.

A bombshell report by the New York Times earlier in the year revealed that Cuomo demanded one of his top advisors have state health officials slash in half the number of nursing home deaths on the data report.

Cuomo’s office reported that over 6,432 nursing home patients died in the state of New York, due to being infected with COVID-19; however, the official number was closer to 15,000.

Many believe Cuomo hid the number of deaths due to the fact he didn’t want the Trump administration to launch an investigation into his decision to send infected COVID-19 patients into nursing homes.

In December 2020, Cuomo’s former aide, Lindsay Boylan, released a tweet claiming that the New York governor sexually harassed her while she served as the special advisor to him. After Boylan spoke out, seven other women all accused Cuomo of sexual harassment while they were his aides.

The mainstream media barely touched the story, but we all know if eight aides of Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis accused him of sexual harassment, it would be one of the biggest stories of the year. It just goes to show Democrats turn a blind eye to their own.